Urethritis is the infection of the urinary tract in humans. This kind of infection is quite common in adult males and females. Bacteria are the main pathogens for urethritis.    

If you are getting a burning sensation when you urinate, there is really something wrong inside your body. Along with a burning sensation, if your urine smells very badly, then there are chances that you may be affected by an infection of the urinary tract. Such infections are very common and they generally make you feel very embarrassed since you have to visit the washroom quite frequently.

Changes that we make to our lives can change many other things

Our eating habits have changed and we are also not taking in sufficient amounts of fluids. These are some of the reasons that we get a urinary tract infection or urethritis. Most doctors will agree that urethritis is a very stubborn disease because of the reoccurrence even after several rounds of medications.

We generally blame the doctors for the inefficiency of the medications that they give for the urethritis, but in reality there are some other factors that lead to the reoccurrence. When have foul smelling urine, you are advised a urine test. Once the urethritis is confirmed, the doctor will prescribe an antibiotic. Most people don’t follow the medication regime and stop taking the antibiotics as soon as they find relief. If you don’t take the antibiotics for the prescribed days, there are chances that all bacteria may not be killed. Now, even if few bacteria survive the antibiotic’s action, they will multiply and give rise to the same symptoms.

Urethritis is a stubborn disease

Most traditional medications fail to cure urethritis because of the recurrent nature of this infection. So, there are some very strong measures or treatments that are recommended by the doctors. Most bacteria have the ability to resist the effects of antibiotics. That is another reason why urethritis is called a very stubborn disease.

Some bacteria are very smart and they have understood ways in which they can wade of the effects of antibiotics. Theses smart bacteria hide in some of the deep tissues like the urethra fossae and gland nearby the urinary track. Once you stop taking the antibiotics, these bacteria surface and start their multiplication. Thus, it is very difficult to treat a bacterial infection, especially the one that is in the urinary tract of the human.

Some of the most common pathogens that cause urinary tract infections are E. coli, Chlamydia and Ureaplasma. Most doctors are aware of these pathogens and they would give you antibiotics that would specifically kind these types of pathogens.

Beware of urethritis

One thing that is very important here is that you need to take good care of urethritis and make sure that it is cured from the roots. If the urethritis remains for a very long time, there are chances that you may get other diseases such as Prostatitis. When you have early symptoms of urethritis, you should immediately visit the doctor. There are some ‘over the counter’ medications that would give you some temporary relief, but without antibiotics, it is very difficult to treat urethritis. There are some instances where oral antibiotics may not work for you. In these cases, you will have to try alternative healing techniques.