If you are among the one going through bedwetting and struggling to know how the problem occurs here is the article for you to know more

In medical terms, bedwetting is named as enuresis, where a child is not able to manage urination in it is also known as involuntary urination.

Nocturnal enuresis usually is involuntary urination that appears in night when the child ids sleepy. Bedwetting is signified as two types

Primary- primary is bedwetting that happens at the time of infancy.

Secondary- secondary is bedwetting expands at least for six months or even for numerous years, as the child gets educate to control their bladder.

The bladder usually is the muscular receptacle that generally gets bigger after the urine enters and contracts the urine to push out. in usual bladder control, bladder nerves sends a message to the brain when the bladder gets full, bladder again send the message to the bladder to remain it from routinely drained out unless the person attempt to go to the bathroom. Nevertheless, children experiencing with nocturnal enuresis, the process usually gets distracted and thus reasons to urinate unwillingly during sleep time.

What causes Bedwetting?

There are various reasons that cause bedwetting let’s get the overview of it.

  • Medical causes- medical causes that activate the secondary type enuresis generally include constipation, diabetes or urinary tract infection. The various sign and symptoms of urinary tract infection differ from child age and depend on which part of urinary tract has got infected. In infants or toddlers, the symptoms of the urinary tract infections universal like vomiting, irritability or poor feeding.     In some cases, fever might take place and doesn’t go away very easily. Sometimes if the urine occurs afoul smelling or blood in the urine, then there is the possibility of urine tract infection in children.
  • Hormonal causes- anti diuretic hormone is a kind of hormone that help your body to attend the urinary process at the night time, this helps to decrease the possibility of bladder to fill in the nighttime and allow the child to get disrupting sleep. In some cases the child doesn’t develops the ADH, and thus such children tend to produce great amount of urine during sleeping time. Thus, this makes the child filled with full bladder in the night time and hence due to improper training child tends to wet there bed.
  • Size of bladder– children with the primary enuresis, the attacking of muscles aids to stop the bladder to seize the usual quantity of urine in child. Small age children often appears small size bladder and doesn’t able to hold the great amount of urine.
  • Deep sleepers– few children sleeps so deeply that they doesn’t take pain to wake up when they feels to urinate and ted to wet the bed in night.
  • Psychological causes– stress is generally related to enuresis. The problem causing stress is usually common in children and teenage age that are related with the things like dead in family member, adopting new school, social environment, divorce or family tension are all dose reasons to feel your child overpowering for child.