Psoriasis is the one of the hereditary skin illness that has to be taken proper care. Here are some home remedies to treat infuriating problem of Psoriasis.

Psoriasis is not contagious; rather it is a hereditary skin disease that makes the skin dry, thickened, and reddish.  The dry peel and scales of skin are considered as a result from the quick explosion of skin cells that is caused by unusual lymphocytes from the blood. This particular disease generally affects the skin of scalp, knees and elbows.

Some people observe smaller patches of dry skin which actually is termed as mild psoriasis. In this condition, they might not even know that they are going through any of the medical skin disorder.  However, some of them can experience severe psoriasis where almost their complete body is covered with scaly, thick and red skin. In the recent research it was found that “Fasting” is also one of the home remedy that gives a chance to your body to digest well and whilst improves psoriasis .

Below given are some home remedies to treat psoriasis:-

1. Have proper food and reduce the signs of psoriasis as a right sort of food strengthens your immune system.

  • Apply paste of raw strawberries to the affected psoriasis part as this helps in reducing inflammation, pain and redness.
  • Grated potatoes or leaves of cabbage can also be applied directly on the affected part.
  • Diminish the signs of psoriasis by applying honey on it.
  • Do away with high inflammation or allergy producing foodstuffs like chocolate, dairy products, sugar or wheat.

2. Eat alkaline

  • Great quantity of fruits and vegetables in your must in the daily diet.
  • Excellent remedy to reduce inflammation cause by psoriasis is consuming raw carrot, spinach juices and raw tomato.
  • Go for the fresh vegetable juice as it serves superbly well with psoriasis treatment.

3.  Olive Oil

  • Olive oil manages to reduce Psoriasis because the higher amounts of Vitamin E present in them refurbishes the lost moisten on the affected area.
  • It also lends a helping hand in relieving the scaly and dried skin.
  • So as to maintain the moisture in the affected part for a long time, apply olive oil on it as soon as you take bath.

4.  Oatmeal Bath

  • Oatmeal bath is one of the most effective medications which must be applied directly on the layer of affected region. It quickly relieves you from burning and inflaming sensation.
  • Scratching exacerbate the situation by mounting blood flow and irritation in the area. You can even apply this specific oil after you feel any scratching or burning sensation.
  • Oatmeal bath helps in curing the dryness of the skin and at the same time also gives a moisturizing and soothing effect.
  • Some of the herbs like Basil Turmeric, Aloe Vera Nutmeg and Ginger also works well in eradicating Psoriasis