The Chinese authorities have recently found that three oil manufacturing companies contain the same cancer causing toxins that were found in milk. All the operations at the plays owned by the three manufacturing firms were suspended by the product safety watchdog in the southern province of Guangdong. The oil manufacturing firms that manufactured oil contained disproportionate levels of aflatoxin that was caused by t e mould. Reported by the Xinhua news agency.

A leading dairy firm Mengniu exposed that the Chinese authorities found excessive levels of aflatoxin ina batch of milk before it was sent across to the masses. This high level of aflatoxin was caused due to the mould that was fed to the cows at a farm in southwest china.

According to the WHO (world health organization) Aflatoxins affects grains and the other agricultural products which further leads to the increased risk of cancer which also includes lover cancer.

Fusheng Oil,  Manyi Peanut Oil and Mabao Oil Are the three oil manufacturing companies that manufactured oil that was made from peanuts, but it was still unknown that  the contaminated oil reached the customers. The consumers voice anger against Mengniu as another yet similar  food safety scandal hit china.

The Chinese print media in an editorial called on the oil manufacturing companies to improve the quality and safety of their tainted products as the reputation of the company as well as the entire dairy industry was at stake.

Earlier in 2008, this chemical was found in milk that caused a huge rage among the consumers. At least six babies died and another 300,000 became ill after drinking milk tainted with the chemical.