Excess fat is one of reasons of worry for many people. There are some healthy ways to lose this extra stock up and lead a happier life

Putting on more weight than necessary is a reason of concern actually. There are many diseases that come in effect due to this. Cardiovascular problems and even kidney and liver conditions may arise as a result. It is therefore very important to combat this issue efficiently and curtail its further ill outcomes.

Some of the people actually go through crash dieting to lose weight. But that is not at all helpful. They key to a good health lies in eating the right food rather than starving yourself. This has a very simple reason behind it. Our body reacts to the absence of enough food. It takes this signal as to us not getting ample supplements.

In this case, the body starts storing fats and if we do not use it, they pile up and this makes us overweight. Stress is another culprit that actually progresses the negative impact of weight in the body. The production of excess cortisol also has a role in the unnecessary pile up. Diabetes and discrepancy in the blood pressure may also happen.

Ways to counter excess fat

Eating habits

You should stop thinking that dieting will provide you with flying colors. It may benefit you initially but later you will put on more weight. It is necessary that you understand that the balanced diet is the best for your body. Include proteins in your food. This will help in slowing down the digestion rate and also controls the insulin.

Dieting leads to slowing down the rate of metabolism in body. This is has a bog hand in stocking up more fat. Especially, during stress, this is more dangerous. You should eat little at regular intervals. This will keep the energy level up and also help the digestive system to do its work at ease. Try to be away from carbohydrate food items after evening.

If the blood sugar level is in control, the cortisol level will also be stable. Refined carbohydrates are a big no for the body. Include grains, fruits and green vegetables with lots of salad in your dinner and lunch. For snacks, you may have some sprouts or a high protein item for a boost up of energy. Make sure that you have breakfast.


Necessary supplements to balance out the nutrients and food items you consume are important. Minerals and some vitamins of B, C is excellent for health. Zinc and magnesium will also work well. You can benefit from Vitamin E, chromium, Siberian ginseng, alpha lipoic and amino acids. Co enzyme Q 10 is also advantageous.

Build up muscles

Muscles help in making you more agile and also aids in keeping up with physical stress. Ii is necessary to burn fats by building muscles. Consult a good doctor and a gym trainer who will advise you on the necessary exercises that will reduce the weight and also fight it off by improving the strength of the immune system.