Thinking of skipping your breakfast because you’re got up late? Or planning to have a low diet breakfast to lose on those extra pounds in you? Then you must not be aware about the problems that your body can face out by not having breakfast. It’s been proven in several studies that having proper breakfast in the morning improves the cognitive abilities in an individual and help improve their memory power.  People tend to forget that your body needs time and time energy to perform its daily activities. And by starvation, we tend to make ourselves hungrier and by the time we reach our lunch period, we tend to over eat and also brunch on those snacks’ that might not be good in nutritional value.

It is been proven in many researches and studies that having a good heavy breakfast actually helps you shed your weight and keeps you fit and healthy.  It’s been said by health experts that maintaining proper breakfast routine in the morning helps you maintain healthy weight. This is because breakfast helps you maintain your metabolism rate.  Skipping meals actually causes your body to get down to starvation mode which thus make your body difficult to sustain weight and takes round three to four days to regain the metabolism all again. Thus people, who tend to eat their breakfast regularly, develop great choices over their dietary food intake and thus remain healthy.

Getting healthy breakfast is not that all easy for a person, it’s understood. But there are few important things that an individual can take care of will having a healthy one.  Avoid intake of high sugar, sodium, saturated fats and calories. One should ignore sugary cereals, meats, sausages, high-calorie pastries for breakfast.

A person should began is morning with hot glass of water before brushing teeth. After that you should kick start your breakfast with high protein and plenty of fiber. This is because, this combination helps an individual satisfy its hunger and keeps your tummy full till the lunch time. Foods like low-fat meat, egg white, nuts and dairy products are riche with protein. Whereas, fruits, vegetable and whole grains contains high fibers.  A healthy breakfast does not mean a king size one but a one that give you more nutritional vale, such as boiled eggs, whole grain toast or a fruit juice. Thus have a healthy breakfast in your routine and keep your weight fit!