There are many factors that can affect your body in spring and winter. Some infections and minor diseases are common during this time

With spring breeze and the winter’s cold, comes lots of joy and happiness. But then there are many diseases that can affect your health too. It may not be anything serious, but can definitely hamper your day to day life. Some of them may even be just for a day or two, or maybe some hours.

Diseases in spring and winter

In many countries, some viruses and bacteria or even parasites become active during these seasons. Not all these germs exist in all the parts of the world. Cold and cough can affect more in winter as well as spring. Dryness of the throat and bleeding of nose may also occur.

The skin and eye infection and allergies are active in this time of the season. People who are allergic to pollen grains can fall for such issues very easily. Some of them are also allergic to flowers, certain plants, herbs and spices that grow in winter and spring.

Many of such infections can make red rashes and also fever. Other signs can include headache and also mild disruption in the blood flow in the body. You may also succumb to minor conditions like asthma that can be temporary.

Some more complications

People generally tend to venture outdoors more in spring and have outdoor food. One has to be careful while choosing the place from where they will eat. Junk food from an unhygienic source, can lead to many illnesses. Dirty water can have similar effects.

In winters, the cold climate can bring in many problems. Cold bites and chills or fever may make many people feel sick. Other illnesses like joint and muscle pain can happen in people who suffer from arthritis and other joint and bone problems.

People may even put on more weight by staying indoors in winter. But you can do home yoga that will keep you healthy and fit. There are some issues that a mentally challenged person may face due to inactivity. But maintaining friendly relations with them and supporting them can reduce such possiblilities.

Prevention and cure

You can ensure to drink clean water and have food from places that are safe and secure and adhere to hygiene standards. In cold weather, you should wear clothes that keep you warm. Avoid going out in snow for long time, if you already are prone to cough and cold.

Some physical therapy can bring relief to joint pains. You may even take ample rest and sleep properly without overstressing your mind and body. Have healthy foods items like lots of fruits and vegetables that will improve your immune system.

It is necessary that the immune system should be nice. Otherwise, even the simplest of the infections will take more time to recover and you may face more discomfort. You can also get a body checkup done so that you are sure that none of the irritants are affecting you.