There can be many causes for headache. Some are severe reasons while others are minor. But nonetheless, it can lead to discomfort

You may complain of a headache after getting up from sleep. There are many other reasons that can even prolong this for the whole day and sometimes, even for lifetime. Migraine is one of the conditions that make for recurrent headache at times of tension and physical or psychological stress. It can even start any time randomly.

Causes of headache

Oversleep can also cause headache. Otherwise, tiredness in the body and also overwork can lead to this dilemma. Cardiovascular problems and liver or lung diseases can also lead to it. Fever, infection and even overeating may be the one of the major reasons.

Patients who suffer from brain diseases that is due to injury to the head can lead to pain. There are other factors like schizophrenia, depression, over anxiety and stress or lack of water and food may also be credible reasons to it.

Straining your eyes and ears or listening to very loud a noise can affect the brain. This in turn will make the head to pain. Cough and cold or other recurrent infections may also be the leading reason for this. Normally, many disorders have this as a basic symptom.

Pollution is one of the worst causes for headache. Air, water, industry, soil pollution and many more are responsible for this. Noise pollution is the chief factor in it. In industrial area, where the chemical and poisonous air is present, people can fall prey to it quite easily.


Headaches can even cause social and economically problems in your life. One may not be able to concentrate on work due to this. Fatigue and some other issues can also affect you due to it. In social events, you may have to retreat back because of the inability to deal with this situation. Sometimes it can also lead to embarrassment.

Headache can also be accompanied with other symptoms when it comes to some diseases. You can even have a regular body checkup to find out the real cause behind this. Sometimes, an early diagnosis of diseases can prevent the death and also advancement of the illness.

Treatment and prevention

You can put a full stop to headache also. But you need to get a proper prognosis done in order to know the condition and the treatment for it. If there is a medical solution for this, you can consider it. Certain painkillers can cease the pain for a while. But if this is due to any illness, the causative agent has to be dealt with.

Eat healthy and live a good lifestyle. Do not use any illegal medicines that are not recommended by a doctor. You may even take a walk or some physical and psychological therapy to deal with this.

Migraine and other conditions that mark headache to be the forefront problem may or may not have a cure. Avoid bad habits like smoking and overdrinking. Consult a proper doctor to get the right solution for headache.