Hormones help to enhance the production in the animals such as cattle that is very essential for gaining weight in a short time.

Due to the increase in the hormones, the cattle’s stay healthy enough to give ample amount of milk and meat. The growing hormones help the farmers to earn more profit. Meat and dairy industry are more dependent upon the growth in hormones in the cattles that give the productivity and increases dairy products.

According to the researcher, growth hormones tend to give negative effects on the human health and may lead to the various human health problems.

Effects of growing hormones in humans

Early Puberty in Girls

Early puberty in girls may be related with the assertive growing hormones that are especially in meats as well as dairy products. The girls who consume meat or dairy products may lead to the puberty problems in girls. However, it is very difficult to verify the negative effects of growing hormones in the young women’s development. The growth hormones may lead to the various effects on the young women might undertake the problems like premature puberty; this may give rise to the risk of breast cancer late in their life. If you people are aware of the negative side effects of the growing hormones then you must avoid the dairy products, the dairy free products, or the hormone free meat. This may reduce the health risk in girls.

Increases the risk of breast cancer

Hormones in the food may increase the risk of breast cancer in women. This is a genuine reason that the hormones deposited in dairy products and meat may give rise breast cancer risk. It has been said that such hormones should not provide to hogs, chickens and turkeys or the fowl. You can consume this above animal’s meat to reduce the risk of breast cancer without any worries. Testosterone and the estrogen are used in cattle and sheep’s to increase the growth hormones in them. People who are fond of eating this kind of animal meat may first read the label “no hormones administered” and can enjoy their meal without such worries. Such hormone free foods are expensive but are free from health risks. Red meat and whole milk contains a larger amount of the saturated fats, this may lead to the risk in heart disease and many health problems.

Increases the Risk for Prostate Cancer

It is concern by the researcher that intake of growth hormones food may lead to prostate cancer. It is said that the growth hormone blockage can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Concerning risk in the people must avoid the risk to eat the kind of hormones flesh. You Should increase an intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains to keep yourself healthy as well as reduces the risk of prostate cancer.