Eating healthy and leafy vegetable is the better ways to keep disease specially cancer away from your lets know the healthy benefit of mustard, collard, and turnip green.

Who says that small meals every after three hours will keep your healthy and fit? No that not so true well healthy eating doesn’t mean that eating a heavy food with rich fats or a diet with lots of calories and carbohydrates, but eating leafy green vegetables will crave your tummy plus keep your fit, healthy and away from other diseases.

When it comes to healthy leafy vegetables mustard, collard greens, and turnips are top listed. These vegetables are rich in the source of nutrient and low calories. All three leafy vegetables are a good source of vitamin c, calcium and folate that is very essential for your body. You can serve these veggies in various dishes like use greens in tartlet or omelets and serve hot that taste very delicious you can even add greens to soup that will provide you a healthy nutrient with delicious soup. You can sauté green in olive oil or soy sauce also.

All three vegetables are very healthy and a rich source of vitamin c, calcium and folate. You can cook these vegetables as per your favorite ingredient and taste. These vegetables are good for blood clotting and bone health.


Step 1

Make the use of collard, turnip or green as your staple in the first shopping list. For good health, the agriculture department of US has recommended that 2 or 3 cup of cooked greens eaten very week is very healthy for your body and prevent from many diseases. Therefore, buy a huge quantity of greens at a time and sever it for several days. Keep in mind before purchasing greens that leaves of greens should cannot be yellow or brown at the edges. Greens with small leaves will give you mild flavor. To keep greens fresh and delicious, then you must wrap then into moist paper towel and preserve it into plastic bag. You can also place greens in the crisper at least for five days to keep it fresh.

Step 2

Do not cook greens without washing them. It is very necessary to clean greens to kill bacteria. Fill the basin with moderate water and add green leaves to it. Lightly swish the leaves with your hands around the water to remove the dirt from the leaves. Drain it and remove the excess moisture from the leaves with a clean cotton cloth or let it dry for few minutes in your room temperature. If you find the stems are large, then fold the leaf and cutoff the stem. Finely chop the leaves with fine and thin shape.

Step 3

Using a very healthy technique is also very necessary. In the traditional southern region, they prepare greens shimmer with bacon or fatty ham hocks, using this ingredient in the recipe will drain out all the healthy vegetables qualities. Therefore, to get that nutrient from the greens you must not simmered or blanched it, steamed or sautéed greens will provide more nutrient that is very needed for your body.