It actually sounds silly, but its completely true that wearing tight jeans can lead men to the most infuriating impotency conditions. Learn from the below given article how can a tight jeans cause problems in men’s healthy sexual life.

In the recent research, it has proved that wearing jeans lessens the count of sperms. Particularly, the tight jeans are extremely dangerous to the production of sperm. In the research, 513 men had the habit to wear tight jeans. Later, it was examined that these men were going through the bothering impotency condition. Not only has this, rising rated of STD’s where also noticed in among these individuals.  However, getting dressed in tight jeans can be a style statement and habit too, but somehow you have to change this detrimental practice to take in the pleasure of healthy sexual life.

Men have to undergo several sexual health related problems.  The tightly worn jeans enhance the temperature near your groins, thereby affecting the testis. This in turn, destroys the sperms in the testes and also stops the production of new sperms.

Sperm count up of the men wearing tight jeans is found to be reduced extremely as compared to the men who are usually found in casuals. Even the pliability of sperms gets reduced, hence, making men more inclined to the sexual weakness i.e. Impotence. Besides this, in some of the cases failure in an ejaculation is also noticed.

Erectile dysfunction or Impotency is also noted highly among the men who put on tight jeans daily. Due to the tight jeans, the penile portion always remains in the same place. Because of this the penile muscles become stiff and make the arteries also gets blocked. At times even the congealing or hardening of the arteries is also noticed in the male’s organ. Therefore, the flow of blood towards the penile region reduces and the individual gets hazardous to worrying Impotency condition.

Another side effect of tight jeans is sweating. High temperature in the groin makes a person to sweat a lot, which indirectly results in loosening of penile skin and muscles.  The outcome of this is soft erection throughout the sexual act.

Getting dressed in tight jeans also puts the lot of strain on the scrotum, which makes the arteries and veins in the penile region to compress, this results in the insufficient supply of blood that causes impotency.

Premature ejaculation is another common problem that man has to face because of tight jeans. This bothering condition happens because of the failure that the nerves in the men’s organ show by lacking the control over the ejaculation of the spermatic fluid. The tight fitting of the jeans damages the nerves of the penile area making men unable to reach till the climax, thus, leaving the partner unsatisfied with the act.

So as to avoid this from happening, it is always better to grab loose fitted trousers and stay healthy and fit as well.