Folliculitis is an illness in the hair embryo where every hair on your body grow up out of a small pocket known as follicle.

You can take place on any area of the body which has hair. It is most familiar on the facial area, scalp and other areas which are rubbed by wearing apparels such as thighs and groin.


Folliculitis is usually triggered by germs and can also be caused by yeast or other sort of mildew. One can suffer from folliculitis if he or she has injured hair follicles. Wearing clothes which pat the skin or shredding can annoy the follicles that can further lead to folliculitis. These also can turn out to be infertile or aggravated by sweat, machine oils or over makeup. When the follicles get damaged, it is more likely to get contaminated.

You may get prone to get folliculitis with below reasons.

  • Using a hot tub or swimming pool which is not treated correctly with chlorine.
  • By wearing figure hugging or tight clothes.
  • Using steroid creams or antibiotics for a longer period of time. Working with stuffs which can annoy or obstruct the follicles. For instance, Makeup, motor oil, butter, cocoa etc.
  • Suffering from illnesses such as HIV or diabetes that low down the caliber to brawl infection.
  • A polluted slit, scratch or injury and bacteria can multiply to nearby hair follicles.


Folliculitis normally appears such as red pimples with a hair in the middle of every one. The pimples may get contaminated with pus in it which may later on scratch or give you a burning sensation. When the pimples after shattering, open up it may get bleed dry pus.

The hot tub folliculitis very frequently comes into view about three days subsequent in being in the spa or hot tub. Lots of tiny pimples become visible on the tummy as well as on the arms and legs. Sometimes the patient may also get a meek fever with a stomach ache. This sort of folliculitis automatically gets away in a span of seven to ten days.

Detecting it

Folliculitis is identified when the physician does a complete analysis if your skin and question about your health and other activities. The patient is asked for few tests to know what is triggering folliculitis in them and to ensure he or she doesn’t have a trouble like rashes or skin disorder. By testing a sample of the liquid that takes place in the pimples or sample of the tissue can assist the physician in making out what is causing this illness.


Folliculitis heals itself within a span of two weeks where you can take care of yourself by lukewarm condenser made with white vinegar. This eases burning and helps in curing. A mild shampoo can also be used on the scalp.