Gonorrhea can be spread with the any type of sexual contact. Thus it is better to know them at the earliest before it triggers you.

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection that spreads through the vaginal fluids or semen while having any sexually unprotected contact. No matter whether it is homosexual or heterosexual intercourse, an infected person can pass through this infection to the other partner. Gonorrhea can attack both men as well as women.

How Gonorrhea does spreads from one person to other?

As said before, Gonorrhea can be spread only and only by any kind of sexual contact. Other aspects that widen the trigger of Gonorrhea are as follows:

  • Anal sex or vaginal sex with the partner who is already infected to Gonorrhea.
  • Oral sex can also be one of the causes although it is not so common.
  • sharing sexual toys from an infected person can lead one to Gonorrhea
  • Touching private parts of an infected person with fingers can case the troubles of Gonorrhea.
  • Any kind of extreme close physical contact with infected person.
  • In some isolated or rare case, the bacteria of Gonorrhea can be passed on from hand to hand touch.
  • Pregnant women can also pass Gonorrhea to her infant.

Important point to be considered is that Gonorrhea doesn’t spreads when you kiss an infected person or share their cups, toilet seats or towels.

What are the Symptoms of Gonorrhea?

Most of men and women do not find any of the warning signs related with Gonorrhea.  But in some cases frequent indications can be noticed. Women’s warning sign can consist of discharge from the vagina area, regular urination, tenderness or blazing when urinating, & throbbing pain between periods. In Men they most likely experience severe pain while urination & continuous discharge from their organ. The throat virus hardly ever shows any symptoms.

 Gonorrhea Symptoms in Women

  • Strong smelling discharge from vaginal part, that might be watery and thin or yellowish or greenish thick stuff.
  • Discharge or annoyance from the anal part.
  • Unusual bleeding from vagina
  • Probably some pelvic tenderness or low abdominal pain
  • Extreme burning and paining sensation while urinating
  • Nausea can also be observed with mow abdominal pain.

Gonorrhea Symptoms in Men

  • Green, white, or yellow thick discharge from the penile region.
  • inflammation and burning sensation in the prostate gland or on the  testicles
  • irritation, annoyance, paining discharge from the anus
  • Urethral burning sensation, itching or paining while passion off urine.

What happens if Gonorrhea not treated at the earliest?

Gonorrhea infectivity can extend through the bloodstream to other regions of the body, causing smash up & grave problems.

  • Ectopic pregnancy can be caused due to Gonorrhea, this means pregnancy outside the womb which can be life threatening.
  • Infertility or reduced in fertility can be caused by Gonorrhea. Blocked fallopian tubes this tubes is actually the one that carries eggs from the ovaries to mother’s womb. Long-term pain in pelvic can also be seen.
  • Whereas in men, tender irritation of the testicles can be noticed