If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, do not be disheartened because there is hope in the form of medications such as Kamagra. You can try the 100 mg pill and see if it really works for you.  

Many doctors who are treating erectile dysfunction are seeing more and more younger patients coming for treatment. You can blame it on life style or you may blame it on junk food, but the bottom line is that erectile dysfunction is becoming rapidly common in today’s men. A few decades ago, men in their early 60s started to suffer from erectile dysfunction, but doctors are also attending to patients in their early 20s with erectile dysfunction. This is alarming, but true and you need to come to terms with this in the recent times.

Kamagra is the first choice

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and looking for a quick solution for this, then you should opt to use Kamagra, which is one of the best erectile dysfunction medications that is available today. Most erectile dysfunction medications are very expensive, especially Viagra and there is a huge demand for medications to cure erectile dysfunction. One of the biggest benefits that you get from Kamagra is that its efficacy is the same as Viagra. In fact, you will not want to pay such a high amount for Viagra because you will get the same effect at lowest rates.

Taking Kamagra

When you start with Kamagra for the first time, you should start with a small dosage. In this way you will get to know if you are allergic to the drugs contained inside Kamagra. Once you do not have a problem with Kamagra for the first time, you can increase the dosage or usage. One Kamagra pill in 24 hours is the mandated dose. If you take more than one pill in 24 hours, you will not experience any double or triple effects of the medication. So, be very sure that you have to take only one dose of Kamagra for your intimate moments.


Kamagra is available in 50 mg and 100 mg dosages. You can start with 50 mg first and see how it works on your body. On the next day, you may take the 100 mg pill if you feel that everything is fine.

When you are taking the Kamagra pill, you will have to make sure that you take it with plain water. In addition, it is not recommended to have very fatty food before you take Kamagra. Most of the fatty food can absorb the power of Kamagra pills and so it may be rendered useless. You will have to plan your diet in a very meticulous manner so that you get maximum pleasure during your sexual activity. If you have been taking many cardiac medications, then you will have to check with your doctor if Kamagra will be of no harm to your body. s.

If you have been visiting a doctor for your cardiac problems, then you will have to make sure that you take the advice of that doctor before you take Kamagra. For men suffering from erectile dysfunction, Kamagra is like the source of light, but it needs to be taken in the right manner and at the right time.