Teen girl’s and young women now be conscious about your skin when you get go through the problem such as indoor tanning

Indoor tanning is the tan that occurs due to the effects of direct ultraviolet rays affects on your skin. The ultraviolent rays attacks direct to the individuals skin when they go through the tanning bed. The tanning bed are the most dangerous trouble because it throws out directs ultraviolet rays on your body as compared to the sunrays. Due to the use of Sunlamps and tanning beds gives them the assurance of the bronzed color skin in a year but there are various health risks with individuals are unaware of especially teen girls.

Some of the individuals leave in false consideration that tanning beds and sunlamps give them a healthy and glowy skin throughout their life but tanning gives you the most basic symptoms of damaging the skin. There are two type of radiation UV-A rays and UV-B rays infiltrate deeper layer of the skin allied with skin reaction and rashes, whereas UV-A rays infiltrate the top layers of the skin and allied with as sunburns.

UV-A and UV-B rays are the most hazardous rays that causes a severe heath risk most commonly skin cancer. Tanning beds in salons uses this kind of radiation.

Tanning occurs in teenage girls and young women

Indoor tanning gives the teen girls and young women a premature aging also increases health risks in them that they have to pay a high amount throughout their life. Parents must take proper care of their children from allowing them to being tanned after the age of 18. The young women who go through the tanning beds and tanning lamps widen a risk of the melanoma; around 55 percent of the women go through melanoma. Applying sunscreen and sun blocks helps to protect the skin from sunburns and lowers the risk of tan in youngsters. Melanoma is the most ordinary skin cancer that occurs in women who belong to age of 20 to 29.

Risk occurs due to indoor tanning

The dangerous form of cancer is the skin cancer. The natural radiation such as sun exposure or the artificial radiation such as tanning beds or the sunlamps can cause serious skin cancer especially in the young age itself. Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer that occurs skin burns. As recommended by the researchers, indoor tanning should be banned for the young females to prevent them from skin cancer and reducing the death population. The other additional risk includes.

Premature aging due to indoor tanning the skin losses its elasticity and makes your skin leathery and with wrinkles, give you a look of 60year old women.

Eye damage UV radiation can cause irrevocable damage to your eye.