All around the world, 99% of men must have suffered from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction at some point of time in their life. Premature ejaculation is also known as early ejaculation. A man loses control of his sexual climax, specially his orgasm, without wanting or planning to. When premature ejaculation becomes a major problem, most men suffer with sexual performance anxiety. They worry about ejaculating prematurely and even when that happens, they find themselves in a depressed state.

Premature ejaculation has become a quite common problem amongst men. There are many medications, which may be considered to help solve this problem and treat it permanently. There is also the simulation method, which can shed light as to what particular moments in the sexual act are most likely causes of premature ejaculation. Most men do not realize that there is no need to suffer. There is an FDA approved medication called Priligy for the treatment of Premature Ejaculation. Though brand Priligy is quite an expensive medication, thus you can always buy Generic Priligy from Online store of pharmacy. As Generic Priligy is the generic version of brand name Priligy.

Also gaining popularity as a possible treatment to the man’s inability to prolong the sexual act is the practice of masturbation. This provides the man with the venue to gain better control of his urges by utilizing the stop and start method. In time, he can extend his control to start and stop the urge to climax, gained through regular masturbation, to the sexual intercourse with his partner.

In most cases men lasts longer if they have intercourse a second time, but it can take even minutes to hours to get another erection, which is usually very frustrating. Premature ejaculation develops into a psychological problem over time if it is left untreated. PE should be treated as soon as possible using Generic Priligy.

Some people at times think that generic medicines are not as effective as the brand name drugs, but it false. It is just a brand difference. In most moderate peoples, conditions usually do not have enough money to spend on medication and hence medicines manufacturers offer the medicines at a much lesser price. Generics contain the exact chemical composition as their brand name counterparts. If you too are suffering from PE, it is the right time to switch to Generic Priligy because of the addition of Dapoxetine action and change your sexual like for better.