Generic Priligy is an oral medicine that is availed in the market in the generic from, this generic pill is an over the counter medicine that there is no need of prescription for using this medication due to its safety.

Generic Priligy is the easily obtainable medicine in the market as the extreme demand of this medication has made it completely popular among all the man that is facing the sexual problem of premature ejaculation.  Yes! Generic Priligy is the most demanded medicine for treating premature ejaculation, generic Priligy is the generic medicine of the branded pill Priligy and thus this medicine provides with all the excellent benefits of the branded medication and above all what makes this medication the most demanded and a popular among men is the low cost price of the medication.

This generic medicine is extremely low cots as compared to the cost price of the branded medication and also that this medicine has all the benefits and all the properties like the branded that can be obtained for almost half the price of the branded medication. Generic Priligy is the most essential treatment in a medicine from for the treatment of premature ejaculation process of a man.  Dapoxetine is the active chemical used in this medicine of generic Priligy that hold back ejaculation in men unless he is completed with sexual intercourse and reached climax, Dapoxetine falls under the group of medicine called as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI).

Generic Priligy is the most recommended pill by the physicians as already there  are less medicine in the market for treating  premature ejaculation and this generic version of the brand medicine Priligy has proved to be extremely effective  at a an pocket friendly cost price. Generic Priligy medication is also approved by the FDA (food and drug administration) and also by the WHO (world health organization) as the safest and effective treatment of the sexual complication called premature ejaculation.  Generic Priligy medicine is used worldwide due to the long lasting effectiveness that can be obtained in an hour after the pill is consumed. In order to get the best benefits of this medication it is recommended to use it with proper care and precautions as per the doctor’s recommendation for men that have serious health issues such as heart related complication, kidney problem, liver problem or if a man is undergoing treatment for any other health condition.