The count of men with erection problems has been increasing daily. Men from the young age and older guys are facing this issue in their life.

Levitra is one of the most common drugs introduced for an effective treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. It helps a man to get an erection and also uphold the erection for a much longer time.

The basic ingredient in Levitra is Vardenafil which is strong key for an erection. This chemical dissolves in the body and helps blood circulation in the male reproductive organ and thus causing an erection. It helps men with ED to get the desired erection which they have been craving for years. Levitra is the drug quite similar to Viagra and Cialis and also acts by inhibiting a particular enzyme which allows the muscles to relax and allow blood circulation to the penile region.

Generic Levitra is the generic version of the brand Levitra and has the same results and effects on human body as that of the brand counterpart Levitra. Generic Levitra is an FDA approved medication and been accepted worldwide by many customers. It is in competition with medications like Viagra and Cialis and been a tough competition to them. Generic levitra being a wonder medication to treat ED , it is quite reasonable and affordable to the pockets. Its effective and fast working has helped lot men and its results prove its effectiveness. It gives a hard and powerful erection to men with ED. Generic Levitra normally comes in dosage of 20mg. The preferred dosage should be consulted with the doctor before consuming it.

Generic Levitra can be consumed with or without food and it can be taken orally with water. The 20mg of Generic Levitra is quite enough for a man to get an erection and its effect could last till 5 hours. This pill is to be consumed an hour before getting involved in to any sexual activity. These pills are to be taken only once a day with water. This medicine has its effects on the human body only if the person consuming the pills is sexually aroused. Unless you are sexually stimulated this drug won’t provide you with an erection.

There are few unwanted effects with the consumption of generic levitra that is the same case with all other medications, for e.g.: Headache, blurred vision, longer erections and diarrhea etc. It is advisable to consult your doctor before taking this medication.