Generic Antarax is a medication that can help relieve patients who have been suffering from hosts of allergies. It is a sedative and it also has anxiolytic effects.

It can be called one of the medications that belong to the class of antihistamines. Thus, this antihistamine and other sedative properties are extremely helpful when it comes to treat allergies.

This is one of those few medications which have positive side effects apart from the allergy healing properties. It helps to improve the attention as well as cognitive abilities. Memory power can also be strengthened with the help of this brilliant blessing from Science.

What’s more to this is that it does not have any sort of psychological dependence as well as addiction by the patients. It is a medication that soothes the muscles and has an analgesic effect as well as it also inhibits gastric secretions.

Any sort of itching from hives, eczema as well as dermatitis and more can be reduced by the use of this medication.

The dosage of this medication is 25 mg to 100 mg for adults and this can be divided into several intakes during the day. The usual duration taken by the medication to work is one month and this helps to relieve the allergy symptoms and the itching from the person’s body.

In case of any medical conditions such as liver or kidney problems, this medication can be halted or should be brought to the notice of the doctor even before starting off the course.

There shall be mild symptoms or side effects of drowsiness and weakness, which will subside off in few days of time. However in case of repeated side effects which may hamper the work for drivers or people who require high concentration, the medication can be reduced or the doctor can be consulted.

It is best to avoid alcohol as well as other caffeinated products while on this medication as it may hamper the results given by this medication. It is extremely important to go about the medication in the most righteous format and to do it with proper safety precautions and more.

An overdose of the medication may result in the symptoms which may occur unduly and be unpleasant. Tremors and hyper sedation as well as spasms and hallucinations may just occur and interfere in the health of the person who has been on this medication’s over dosage. In case of missing out on a dosage, do not consume 2 dosages together. It may prove to be harmful and may give unduly results that may be unpleasant.

The food combinations as well as the drinks in the diet of the person while he is on the medication should be considered in order to make sure that no contradictory or side effect giving combination is being used. Make sure that one goes about the entire dosage even if the symptoms of the allergy subside off in the first couple of weeks. Complete the 4 week course and this can help one to prevent the relapse of the allergy.