Amoxicillin is the generic name of this antibiotic called Amoxil. Any types of infection in the ears as well as the bladder and much more like gonorrhea etc can be treated with this divine medication.

If you have been prey to or have any loved ones who have been suffering from pneumonia, gonorrhea, ear infection, infection in the gall bladder etc., the antibiotic consisting the generic Amoxicillin can help you in your rough patch.

The bacteria that are involved in such diseases are usually the ones that get multiplied at an extremely fast pace and thus it becomes necessary to control its spread in one’s own body and to everybody around the patient as well. Thus to help and halt the infection from spreading it is necessary to go about the group of antibiotics called penicillin – to which Amoxicillin belongs to.

This is exactly how it can help the bladder infection, pneumonia etc to subside off with time and stop it from multiplying in one’s own body and to others as well.

Depending upon the age and other statistics of a patient, it is necessary to know from the physician or a doctor how to go about the dosage professionally. Depending upon the various conditions, it is necessary to find out the dosage amount as well as the frequency of the medication in order to go about ones course in the apt manner. The medicine should be taken with water and can be had on empty stomach or with food.

Stomach cramps, nausea, skin rashes and more can be the conditions if the medication isn’t taken up in the right proportion or rather when taken up in a high proportion. Vomiting confusion, diarrhea and other consequences can occur too if the medicine is taken in an over the top quantity.

However there may be few of the substances – whether other medications, food, beverages, drinks and exercises that you may have to avoid in order for the medication to not show a reverse reaction or to maybe even show the best reaction.

To know of the most righteous combination is extremely important in this case. People who suffer from any skin disorders or even have issues of the liver, kidney, bleeding and asthma etc should see a doctor before starting off the course.

The generic Amoxil may also have the tendency to interact with certain drugs. These could be Estrogen, Chloramphenicol, Probenecid, Tetracycline and more. These should be known in order to keep track of your existing or forth coming medications for other body disorders.

If you have been extremely regular with your caffeine beverages, as well as alcohol, smokes and other illegal drugs it is necessary to find out the reaction of the medication with these.

Inform your doctor in case of pregnancy while on treatment of if you plan a baby while on the treatment. Jaundice, fever, dark urine and seizures may become a possibility if you take combinations that can react with the generic for Amoxil.

Make sure of the food and the drinks you are consuming while on the treatment – be it herbal, with vitamins / minerals etc.