There are several reasons that cause your nails to get brittle it might occur due to passing age or other factors lets go through this article and know more about the reasons.

White brittle nails can appear due to common problems like aging. The irregular form of the nails include change in texture, color, shape and size or thickness of nails occurs due infection, injury, liver disease, liver problem, cold weather, moisture repetition, poisoning and dryness might weakly make your healthy nail brittle and discolored. Some changes in the situation can be harmless while other change in the situation are sign that there is some incorrectness and must seek the help of your doctor as soon as possible.

White brittle nails consist of two type of condition; first condition need a serious treatment from your respective doctors that give an idea of certain possibility of causing white brittle nail.

Normal and Abnormal Nails

Groove, discolorisation and ridges are some of the types that are free from healthy nails. Keratin is a substance that is very necessary for nails and made the usual layer of protein that generally grows under the cuticles to produce a nail. In some cases the vertical ridges and certain condition that occur due to certain damages gets vanished. The serious change in the condition can easily make your nail appear curling, yellowing, spotting, nail bed damage and splinter hemorrhages etc. the occurrence of brittle nails signifies easy correcting and harmless condition whereas in white brittle nail the condition occurrence is sever.

White Nail Syndrome

Leukonychia is another name knows for the white brittle nail. There are several reasons causing this problem like renal failure, arsenic poisoning, heart disease or pneumonia. A large amount of albumin that presents in blood is another sign of white nail syndrome generally known as hypoalbuminemia. Liver disease is the one more indication of white nail, where nail is the condition where you have to seek doctors’ advice and treatments concerned by doctor.

Brittle, Splitting Nails

Onychoschizia is a common condition resulting into aging. Onychoschizia is normally occurs due to external factors like less or more level of moisture, solvents, chemicals, detergents and other irritants etc. brittleness in the nails usually affect women in great amount and typify yielding, flaking of nails in most easy way, thinning of nails that split chip. Brittle nails can show the occurrence of hyperthyroidism, fungus, iron deficiency anemia, side effects of chemotherapy and hypothyroidism.

Brittle Nails Treatment

The treatments for the white nail brittle can need basic treatment that determines the signs of brittle nails. A doctor recommend to some care and protection to treat this problem. Some simple ways are wearing a bacterial free and superior quality gloves specially in winter season where nails are likely to get damage and brittle, using a mild hand wash or soap is very necessary and dry is thoroughly. Using a good hand moisturizer or intake of biotin supplements will surely help your brittle nail to get repairs in most positive manner.