Be aware of skin thinning as well as causes that make your skin thin and how to tackle with this problem.

Skin comprises of three layers i.e. the dermis, the epidermis, the subcutaneous and also the fattiness in the layer. Skin Thinning in simple words is known as the skin that becomes more fragile or easily breaks. When skin thinning appears in an individual, he/she observe skin tearing and discoloration of the skin.

The first layer dermis consists of the connective tissue, which mainly composes of collagen and elasticity of the skin. This tissue strengthens the skin and helps to become more flexible. The subcutaneous layer creates fattiness in the skin which becomes thick and gives stuffing to the skin. Due to the failing of fiber and loosing of fats in subcutaneous layer causes skin thinning. This article is very beneficial for you to know the reasons of skin thinning.

What cause skin thinning.

Damage due to sun- Damaging of the skin is the most popular reason to make your skin damage. The ultraviolet rays affect the dermis layer and worsen the elasticity and also collagen, which helps to form this layer. Due to these rays, the collagen and the elasticity of this skin gets reduced, thus make your skin become thin and brutal that can easily tear off. To prevent yourself from skin thinning you can apply sun block cream as well as protective clothes from sun while going out.

Aging of the skin- The most effective sign of skin thinning is aging. As the age passes, the layer of skin becomes thinner and loosens the elasticity. The layer of the collagen and the elasticity in the skin weakens it and helps to lose the fatty tissue that acts as a protective layer in the skin. The fatty tissues in the skin starts breaking, decreases the level of  pad in the skin shell and thus more likely to make your skin thinner and breakable.

Corticosteroids- Corticosteroids are mainly steroids which are used to reduce the pain and swelling of the skin. This steroid is usually applied on the skin as lotion or cream to get rid from itching and redness on the skin. The Corticosteroids affects the layer of the epidermis, helps to weaken the skin to get thin, thus makes your skin fragile, and tears easily.

Ehlers- Danlos syndrome- This type of syndromes is actually a group disorders, which affects the collagen to produce in the body. However, collagen is a very important element for the healthy skin and act as a generic component. Due to loss of production of collagen in the body the individual’s skin easily lose the elasticity and leads to breakage over the skin.

All other further causes may affects the skin makes fragile.