Studies have found out the four stages of sexual response in both men and women those are arousal, plateau, orgasm and resolution.

Excitement or arousal

A man attains an erection with physical or may be with mental stimulation or maybe both at the same time. This triggers more amount of blood to flow into three soft areas which are identified as corpora which run with the length of his penile organ. The skin becomes loose and mobile which lets his penile area to grow. The scrotum which is the pouch of skin that holds the testicles becomes tight and this is where the testicles are strained up towards the body.


The top of the penile area becomes broader and the blood vessels in the region of this area fill with blood. This further triggers the color to lighten and the testicles grow approximately 50 percent larger.

The testicles carry on to increase and a warm sensation around the perineum which is nothing but the space between the testicles and anus that grows. The heart rate builds and with that the blood pressure even rises and there is a quick breathing process experienced. The thighs as well as buttocks tighten and this is where a man gets closer to reach an orgasm.

This is a stage after orgasm where men need a cooling off period before they are capable to erect one more time as compared to men who are able of many orgasms. On the other hand, this is not the only variation between both the sexes. Researchers now say that when women could go up and down with the sexual stages men have more quick sexual experience. In short, they get aroused and get satisfied very quickly.

Orgasm and ejaculation

A group of contractions forces semen inside the urethra which takes place in the pelvic area muscles. This is the same in seminal vesicle and the prostate gland that both add liquid to the sperm. A huge number of people disagree on this topic that a man’s sexual desire also differs from females where in this stage a lot of them require direct and visual stimulation. This narrowing is a part of orgasm and the man reaches a point where he cannot stop in ejaculating from occurring. Contractions of the prostate gland as well as the pelvic floor muscles further shows its way to ejaculation the time when the semen is strained out of the penile organ.