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Impotence happens when a man is not able making an erection or sustains it for an adequate period. This is an exclusive problem which has been widespread more often now than before. Formerly it was always known as erection problems. They desired to eliminate the depressing part of it and give the answer that it was just for another problem that could be true. They investigated and analyzed on this topic and got something new to tell every other time. They also tried to section men in different groups-one being no erection  problems, the second being minor erection  problems, the third classification being significant erection  problems and the last one being completely impotent. Impotence is a problem that can be due to both real and mental causes. Emotional aspects consist of fear, stress, dullness, major depression etc. Actual aspects consist of high blood stress, heart relevant circumstances, high blood stress etc. In some, both the aspects can result to erection problems. Way of life problems like abusive consuming and using tobacco or intermittent sleep may be a cause.

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