Enlarge your smile with no more obstacles it can be possible by wearing braces and what foods to eat while you wear braces.

Do you feel embarrassed due to improper teeth? Are you ashamed of smiling? Then no need to feel ashamed of yourself here are some dos and don’ts to give you a good smile with proper teeth through wearing braces.

Braces are used to design for straightening the teeth to make sure that they last for longer time by giving you a big smile. To make your braces works fruitfully you have to brush and floss them regularly. Braces are the dental treatment that uses brackets, metal, wire and rubber to move your teeth at the proper position. Braces help you to fill the gap which occurs between your teeth. Braces have to stay on the teeth for the long time depends on your dentist as per the improvement in your treatment. Generally, it has to stay long for several months or a year to make them straight and give you a beautiful smile. It can be painful and can swell at the very first week after putting it. When a person puts braces, they have to maintain a proper diet to keep the teeth healthy and reduce the pain.

Proper Diet should be followed once braces are been put.

Yogurt- yogurt is the most effective food to eat when you put braces. It is soft and becomes very easy to eat. Braces can affect both dental pain as well as abrasion when you eat hard or chewy food. Eating hard or sticky foods like nuts or jelly can remove the brackets. This makes it difficult for you to eat any food, and may prolong your treatment.

Mash Potatoes- mashed potatoes are very useful when you get braces because potatoes are soft and very easy to eat and does not affects the metal or the wires in the braces. It can be prepared in home or can be eaten in restaurant or anywhere it is available.

Applesauce- a person with braces has to reduce the consumption of hard and sticky food. However, applesauce is soft, sweet and nutrition as compared to candies which lacks nutritive value. Applesauce can make a delicious desert when you got new braces. Consumption of hard candies may break the brackets and can worsen the pain in jaws.

Avocados- eating meat, cheese and sandwich is very rough and tough for the one who have got new braces no doubt they are rich in proteins and vitamins. Choices are limited for them to eat soft food which may lack calories. Avocados are rich in nutrient, calories and vitamins and can help to prevent weight loss.