The cold affects many people and has adverse effects on health that causes discomfort and also lots of dilemmas. There are some ways you can deal with this illness

Cold makes a person feel dull and tired. If you are suffering from the same, then you may succumb to headache and also cough. This may cause lots of disturbances in your personal and social life. Fatigue and sleepless nights are common. Loss of taste and blockage of the nose is among the common symptoms.

Some may experience running of the nose. Dry cough is another kind of cold that is basically the accumulation of cough that does not retch out easily. Mild fever too high one is also one of the early signs of one catching cold. Your immune system basically accounts on how your body will react to this condition.

There are five simple ways to fight this condition and recover soon. Besides taking the medication, the below listed steps will help you to feel better once you follow them:


Drinking lots of water is important while you have cold. Generally, a person dehydrates during this phase and can feel more tired. It is therefore good, if you continue with the supply of water to curtail down the further ill effects. Even while taking bath, hot water is advisable. Cold water may affect you worse.


One should take ample of rest during the cold. You may not venture in harsh weather outside. Tucking in a warm blanket and sleeping for a few good hours will help you feel energetic. After medication and all the other activities, you will require a lot of rest. Otherwise, you may become more prone to weakness and other bad effects. Do not stress your eyes and body too much in this period.

Consume Vitamin C

Consuming Vitamin C is a nice way to ward off cold faster. You may drink some citrus fruit juices like orange and pineapple. There are a few more choices you can opt for. It is said that having 1,000 mg of the same per every hour is actually beneficial for health. But even 250 mg consumption of Vitamin C can sustain your health during cold. Excess of this can cause kidney problem and diarrhea.

Garlic and Ginger

Ginger and garlic acts as warming agents for your body and therefore an excellent option to get rid of the cold faster than you can think of. You can include both of them in the food that you eat. Inducing garlic and ginger in hot soup will also help. Consuming raw ginger with a little salt and pepper is a remedy for sore throat. These days, garlic and ginger paste actually makes the food also tasty.

Blueberry and Elderberry extracts

Elderberry and blueberry extracts are antiviral and help in dealing with this condition of cold. They have the active component of prophylactic that enhancing the immune system. This makes your body strong in taking on cold. You can have these fruits and relax back. Do not consume junk food while you are suffering from cold.