It is not just trauma and spiteful colds which leads to headaches. Cleaning your home or taking naps in late nights can contribute to head pain as well. Listed below are few causes of headaches and how you could fix them well.


Working around the clock i.e. eight to nine hours every day could make you feel drained out and this is due to the stress levels which come along with work. This is even because of the levels of stress hormones that fall down and further causes quick release of neurotransmitters. These transfer impulses to the blood vessels in order to compress and then widen that causes into a headache.


Do away with temptation to sleep during weekends. Eight hours or more than this duration of sleep at a time could invite for head ache issues in you. Instead indulge yourself in relaxation time and practicing other forms of meditation like yoga, Reiki into your working schedule rather than dozing or lazing around.


If you think that housework gives you more headaches then this could be right. Household cleaning equipments along with perfumes and scented air fresheners contain certain chemicals that might get in your nerves at a time.


If you are at a risk to headaches that is brought on by few intolerable smells ten it is better to stay away from heavy perfumes and concentrated smelling soaps, shampoos as well as conditioners. Make use of scented free air fresheners and household cleaning stuffs and with that keep the doors and windows ventilated and open as far as possible when at home.

Bad weather

If you fall prey for getting more headaches then you could find that increased humidity, rising temperatures and tempest could all invite to headaches in you. Climatic changes which cause the weather to change are considered to cause chemical as well as electrical alterations in the brain. This gets inside the nerves of the individual which further leads to a headache.


Well you cannot do much to this when it comes to weather change but by looking at the weather forecast you could say that you are likely to put up with a headache and to combat with this you can take preventive measures in advance.

Packed lunch

A cheese sandwich and a dark chocolate bar may be what you wish to have every time after your tasty lunch but be cautious cause you may experience a headache later. All such foods contain chemicals which could bring a migraine as well.


Eat healthy and right always as wrong food practice would show up in other disorders too.

Sexual activity

People think that headaches are triggered when an excuse is given in order to avoid a sexual intercourse on the other hand majority of the men and women experience headaches which come out as the most disturbing issue.


A painkiller would sort out this problem. Take it a few hours before you begin with the act.