Spanking is type of punishment that is given for children that cause various mental disorders. Let us know the mental disorder that cause due to spanking.

Spanking is punishments given to child by hitting his or her buttocks. Spanking must not leave the physical marks on his or her body. Spanking is said to be physical abuse by many people. Some parents use objects or paddles in the form of punishment.

Some parents use spanking to keep their child in limits and make them behave in a proper manner. Whereas some parents, spanks there kid because it is disagreeable and tend to increase panic in them. This punishment might cause adverse effect on kid and they start misbehaving.

Kid doesn’t feel safe in their home. Children see spanking as a scary physical attack and the side effects of this problem can cause serious mental problems on child.

Increases Aggression

Spank in children can increase aggression. The researchers say it that spanking in children can make them more aggressive. It helps the kid to use violence to manage the behavior of another person. Kids who have spanked by their parents have the higher level of aggression than the kid who is not spanked. It has been said by the researchers that 3-year-old kids spanked by their parent’s shows the high level of aggression in the 5 year of age.

Decreased Interpersonal Skills

Parents want their child to learn more about interpersonal skills so that they won’t find it more difficulty in facing the problems in school. It is proved by the researcher that, kid who is spanked might face more difficulties in following this skill than the kid who is not spanked. Spanking helps to correct the behavior of children rather than teaching them to precisely the conduct of others.

Harms Relationships

Spanking is more likely to harm the relationship of parent and kid. It is said that child who is spanked by their parent have a hate red behavior towards them. The author states that children must accept the rules and regulation as well as accepts that parental standards that is more helpful for the child’s ethical development. Kids always look for love, guidance and safety of their parents. However, spanking might affect the relation of the child and parent. Relation can harm specially while punishing the kid for their silly mistakes.

Kid and parent relation doesn’t only harm due to spanking but it can also harm due to family violence. An individual who has spanked in their childhood days, have the higher level of verbal and physical abuse towards their husbands also.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems

Child abuse and spanking is the same. Spanking is barred in many different countries. A journal has found that, harsh discipline practices given in the childhood days are more likely to increase the signs of anxiety and depression. These problems can cause alcohol addiction and consumption of drugs. The research has also found that youngsters who are spanked have the highest possibility of smoking and alcohol.