Becoming a dad is quite difficult that has a deep collision on mental as well as physical health fatherhood comes up with abundance of health problems.

Fatherhood is quite difficult for the new father and more likely to get affected with health problems. The stress and the lack of sleep and parenting problem in men feel like irritating but some. The responsibility of fatherhood gives a good and healthy life with some of the health benefits.

1. Dads are less vulnerable to heart problems.

It is more common that father with no kids are more likely to get trapped with heart related problems than men those who have kids. The researchers that almost 17 percent of men die due cardiovascular disease with no kids find it. There is an optimistic relationship between the fatherhood and health that usually arbitrate with the risk of lifestyles like smoking and obesity and the capability or performing a father role. Well that doesn’t means that you make a cricket team of kids and get healthier. However, engaging totally gets engaged with dad or husband is quite healthy.

2. Dads don’t drink or smoke as much.

It’s quite obvious that father quits drinking, drug use and smoking, As it’s a risk taker for their health fatherhood make father to become a good father with changing bad lifestyle so that child cannot follow his father’s footstep in future. It has been researched that, almost 200 men has quite tobacco, marijuana and alcohol as their child arrives in this world. It has also found that the percentage of committing crimes has lesser down. The pressures of being a risk taker lead men to put their health in risk. As their child arrives, it’s a time for the men to pull of his bad body and concentrate more on the parenting skills.

3. Dads have lower testosterone levels.

Is is said that men with lesser testosterone are bad for their health but with the healthy range it make you more enhanced, and more nurturing husband and dad. As the study says that almost 600 men have found lower testosterone level than that of single or mate counterparts. However, as the men gets more involved with fatherhood the testosterone gets lower down.

The lower level of testosterone is very good for the father to have because taking a good care and focusing on the child care and ignoring about the higher testosterone drive to get the new mate. The higher the levels of testosterone in the young father the more will the urge to provide another generation. Therefore, the lower level of testosterone help the father to take a complete care if there child and maintaining a good relation for the happy family.

4. Fathers may make better choices about nutrition.

Fatherhood has a positive collision on the diet of men. Because parenthood simply means taking a very good care of your child diet as well as good diet for the father as well. If the father makes a excellent choices of healthy eating there child is also more likely to make a good choices of eating.  It is said that if the father eats fast food his child will also opt for the fast food and follow the father’s footsteps