Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome commonly named as AIDS is a disease people have always feared. We have always heard that an HIV positive individual can really never be cured.

You can simply reduce the speed of progress of the person from HIV positive to an AIDS patient. Recent research reveals some amazing contradictions. 47 year old American, Timothy Ray Brown who resides in Seattle, Washington is said to have been cured of HIV Infection. This Berlin patient is detected to be HIV negative after a bone marrow transplant. Doctors have cured Brown’s leukemia by transplanting a HIV resistant stem-cell from a donor.

Timothy Ray Brown has already had two high-risk bone marrow transplants from the year 2007. Now research also reveals that gene therapy may lead to a method that is a lot more acceptable to treat this dreaded disease.

The bone marrow transplant has several risks and may really suit only 20% of the patients. Yet if it can actually cure a horrible disease like AIDS, scientists should research more in this field.

AIDS is an illness which is regarded incurable since many years. It is the most dangerous sexually transmitted disease. The disease is fatal and has made life miserable for people since past many years.

The AIDS infection usually interferes with a person’s immune system and causes a person to die a slow death. Apart from sexual intercourse, this disease may be transferred through blood transfusions or from parent to child.

HIV is regarded a pandemic. A lot of research for treatment of this illness is going on. These recent revelations may bring a new ray of hope in the lives of HIV positive individuals. Roughly, 31 million of the world’s population is HIV positive.

If the stem cell transplant is actually effective and this disease is curable then it can actually change the lives of several people on earth. The Government should take initiative and encourage scientists and researchers to work in this direction.

The consciousness among people regarding this disease also has to be increased. Children should be taught the pros and cons of this disease.