Vitamins acts as a medicine to cure rickets as well as many other health problems to allow every individual lead a happy life.

Rickets are the type of disease that usually occurs in individuals at their childhood days. Rickets normally affects in the individual bones at the very early stage and develops many other bones problems in them. Rickets make your bone soft, weak, and brittle. Children who suffer from rickets experience bone deformities like bowlegs, wide ankles, wide wrist, dental problems, improper structure, and growth of bones. Another type of rickets is nutritional rickets that is usually experienced in breast-fed babies; children having less exposure of sun may increases the risk of this kind of rickets. Vitamins and exercise helps to cure any kind of bone disease. Lack of vitamin D is cause for nutritional rickets in bones and this can be treated with treated vitamin D supplement. Exercise will make your bones strong and cure the disease. Proper exercise is necessary with doctor’s guidance.

Step 1

The doctor must take care of the symptoms of rickets and should analyze this disease by knowing their symptoms, they should take x-rays of bones, blood testing required for vitamin D, balanced calcium, phosphorus level and urinal test is necessary to detect the level of calcium.

Step 2

Intake of vitamin D supplement is essential to get rid from this disease. Dose of the vitamin D supplement is consumed as per the level of shortage of vitamin D in the body. Vitamin supplement is available in two-form pod chemical ergocalciferol that contain in vitamin D2 and cholecalciferol contains in vitamin D3.

Step 3

A proper proportion of calcium and minerals are important to treat with rickets. Taking proportionate minerals of calcium and phosphorus supplement, in children with nutritional rickets appears the low level of minerals in them.

Step 4

Lack of vitamin D is always caused due to rickets. At times it can cause if the body does not allows to take the required amount of vitamin D or any other material that are use to build up the bones.


Exercise plays a very important to build up your bones. Exercise helps to make our bones stronger and healthy, exercise will not only beneficial to cure rickets but also various kind of bone problems. Giving exercise to bone strengthens them and makes it flexible. A proper exercise should be scheduled by doctors and about the vitamin D supplement.