Emotional distress may bring out some physical response that may be negative for the health. You can take certain precautions and preventive methods to deal with them

Stress and other mental and emotional problems can affect our body adversely. There are many physical reactions that are possible when our mind comes across a stimulant that is negative. The agents or thoughts that make us feel happy and good, generally relax our body and keep us healthy. But the ones that strain our system can lead to mild or even serious responses.

Effect on body because of emotional distress

If the emotional stress is till the level of not disrupting your daily life, then the issues will not be that great. Little body pain and especially headache can occur. If a person feels low on confidence and self worth then an unpleasant feeling can happen in the stomach. Many may term it as a ‘butterfly’ feeling or as if someone is digging deep in their body.

This is because of the muscular contraction and release of some fluids in the body while you are emotionally disturbed. Too much of crying can cause pain in the eyes and also redness that can result in itching and also swelling. Sometimes, the pain may persist for few minutes or hours. This may be due to the pressure on the brain and the membranes of this organ.

Pain in the chest region and backbone can also happen. Awkward body position while sleeping and crying can lead to pull in the muscle. This can be due to sudden jerks and movements. Severe body ache is inevitable if the person goes through seizures or paralytic attacks while emotional distress.

Dealing with emotional distress and its effects

Emotional distress can make a person go into depression. This can lead to long term negative effects. The person may lose appetite and will not want to talk much. The individual may shut him or her from social life and spend time alone thinking about the stressful things and sometimes maybe even blaming themselves for everything.

The person should relax and get ample of sleep. Body pain can reduce by undergoing some physical therapies that may include mild exercises and behavioral changes. Inducing a practical activity in the day to day life to counter the empty hours of negative thinking will also help in overcoming emotional distress.

If you are facing similar issues then, you can close your eyes or wash them nicely with cold water to reduce the redness and the pain. Blockage of nose for sometime may occur due to crying. Rinse your nose well and clear it out. You may want to have little food and some healthy drink to make yourself feel better.

Talking to a close person or friend will definitely lift your mood. Discussing your emotional problem with a counselor or a wise person will help you to take off the load in your mind. You can also try to avoid the agent that is causing the dilemma rather than relating to it all the time.