Vulvitis is a vaginal infection in women that can be dangerous. Here are some treatments that can help you in getting rid from vulvitis.

What is vulvitis?

Vulvitis is a tender swelling of the visible external genitalia which is also known as vulva. Vulvitis is not a stipulation or sickness; it is a indication that fallout from the various diverse causes that includes injuries, allergies, external, irritants infections, and other. Other vaginal infectivity such as genital herpes or vaginitis often is an adjunct to vulvitis. Women who get experienced with the excessive pressure or stress, poor level of nutrition, or who have deprived hygiene may be more at risk to vulvitis.

Numerous analytic paraphernalia such as Pap, urinalysis, blood tests, and test for STDs i.e. sexually transmitted diseases can help in diagnosing vulvitis.

What is the treatment for vulvitis?

The vulvitis treatment can show a discrepancy according to their cause. Your doctor will consider numerous aspects before deceiving the right treatment. Some of the major aspects include the following considerations.

  • Your general health, medical, history and your age as well.
  • Symptoms that are noticed or the one you are experiencing
  • Harshness or tenderness of the observed symptoms

Here are some effectual treatments that have to be deemed upon for getting early purge from the problems of vulvitis:-

  • Avoid bathing with the harsh soaping compound, as this can make the condition more worsening.
  • Impede the utilization of any stuffs that can contribute the Vulvitis
  • The areas near the vulva should be kept dry, cool and clean. Always keep in mind to wipe up the region from front to back.
  • Hot boric acid compact can be beneficial in treating Vulvitis.
  • For eradicating the irritation or the infuriating itching, you can compress cold cottage cheese or plain yogurt in the area.  This will also endow you with the quick relief and comfort.
  • There are various lotions available in the medical stores that can free you from this frustrating problem. But at such case, consult your doctor before applying any lotion.
  • Stress is also one of the major cause that can led you to the problems of vulvitis, thus it is recommended to learn the stress controlling tips so as to avoid the other health issues.
  • Go for the healthy, nutritious and adequate amount of diet so that you can get vulvitis under control.
  • Last but not the least, make certain that you get as much as necessary sleeps at night.

There are various factors that might contribute to the expansion of vulvitis:

  • Oral sex
  • Colored or fragranced toilet tissue
  • Fungal or Bacterial infection
  • It can spread if you had a bath in swimming pools or hot tubs
  • Riding in the horseback or riding a bicycle
  • Wearing the wet suit for longer period of time
  • Sensitive to reactions or allergies to the substances like harsh soap and shampoo.