Edegra is the generic medication used by the men suffering with the erectile dysfunction to overcome it and enrich their sexual experience.

Edegra influences the sexual drive of the men suffering with the erectile dysfunction and helps him to enrich his sexual experience. This capsule allows the men with erectile dysfunction to achieve the erection and sustain it too for the sufficient amount of time during the sexual activity. This enriches the sexual pleasures of the men who were previously not able to have a satisfactory sexual intercourse. Men are able to hold the strong and hard erection throughout the sexual activity with the help of this dose. Men suffering with erectile dysfunction used this medication to overcome it, whereas the other men also used it to make their sexual encounter fantastic and more enjoyable. Men were able to give their women partners the multiple orgasms with the single dose of this pill.

This medication is the newly redefined generic version of Viagra that works perfectly in treating the erectile dysfunction in men. This treatment corrects the main cause of the erectile dysfunction, the lack of blood supply to the penile region during the sexual intimacy. This pill improves the blood supply to the penile region by increasing the deposition of nitric acid in the penile region. This remedy restrains the activity of the enzyme PDE-5 that reduces the blood supply to the penile region by contraction of the arteries in the penile region . This pill reacts to the sexual stimulation by promoting the cGMP enzyme activity that increases the blood supply to the penile region during the sexual act. This pill contains Sildenafil as the active constituent that constricts the blood supply out of the penile area once it is erect. As a result, men are able to hold the erection for the ample period of time during the sexual activity. This medication makes it possible for the men having erectile dysfunction to react to the sexual stimulation and have a satisfactory sexual experience.

This medication is prepared to help many men with Impotence maintain an erection when they become sexually aroused. In the world, about 45 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction in varying degrees. Erectile dysfunction is found to temporary condition in some men, whereas in few men it is found as the permanent condition. Whether temporary or permanent, one dose of this pill is enough to treat the erectile dysfunction. The most important thing about the pill is that it is cheaper in price than the original branded Viagra, but shows the effect exactly like the Viagra. This pill is termed as common person’s Viagra. Please do not waste the hard-earned money in buying the branded Viagra when you can enjoy the same effect with the Penegra.

To get the best effect from Edegra all you got to do is to get the medication in a 100mg pack. Have it half an hour before the act this will allow you to give your best for the next 4 to 6 hours.