Generic medication is amongst the best medicine is not proven so and recognize as well! Hence, one of the proof and good recognized medication to treat erectile dysfunctions is Edegra pill.

Edegra is the generic portrayal of top trade Viagra. Edegra is amongst the best medicine to treat is proven by the approval of FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and also from WHO (World and Health Organization) for been safe, secure and efficient on ED men.

Safe: Edegra is the generic manifestation of brand Viagra. While been generic it proofs itself to be safe on ED men by FDA and WHO along with its working systems. This is confirm great while purchased from online store that provides in detailed information about the presence of erectile dysfunction or impotency in men and also the main treatment of ED i.e. oral treatment information. Both the organization have made the verification towards standard, dose, working and quality of brand and generic one i.e. Edegra that have shown the same principles and most important among its principle that brand Viagra have send one appeal towards organization that Edegra or any Generic Viagra is its generic version.

Secure: Edegra pill is secure for ED men from erectile dysfunctions, as by adding active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate. This Sildenafil Citrate is the same active element as if in brand and generic Edegra medication. This active ingredient works on the enzymatic point that brings out the obstacle in erection by restricting blood flow to the male organ. Therefore reduce the enzyme PDE5 that clog into the blood vessels and improves cGMP enzyme that allow the flow of blood reach to the male penile organ.

Efficient: dosage 100mg Edegra is well sufficient to treat erectile dysfunction or impotency in any levels. Silagra makes men possible to act in sexual intercourse while adding the electrify substance for producing and sustaining erection. This whole process longer for 4 to 6 hour and make men stable for erection while after stimulating in bed. The available dose in market is 100mg, which is been recognized as the best among all the doctors study. This 100mg pill needs to swallow wholly with water helps. This should swallow wholly and not made any crushing and chewing steps for better results. An increasing blood flow could only make men capable as a result take Edegra pill prior half an hour to an hour of sexual associations, which could help men to attain and sustain erection for up to 6 hour.