Skin care the most important topic and the most important part is the skin that could be taken care of during summers.

Skin is the widely exposed part during the summers and it a well known fact that during summer the excessive heat of the sun causes tanning of the skin as well as the UV rays (ultra violet rays) of the sun causes excess damage to the skin. Therefore, the skin should be taken care of with proper precautions and also according to the skin type.

Care for Dry Skin

Dry skin needs a lot of care and thus the proper use of ingredients that protects the skin from damage cause by the sun. Thus dry skin should be taken care of. Use of natural aloe Vera gel makes the skin supple and also the aloe Vera gel has many anti bacterial properties. The smoothness of aloe Vera is useful for chapped lips and skin and dry skin and can also work as natural moisturizer that has no chemical involved in it and above all it protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun on the skin.

Another element used for dry skin during summers is rose water thus rose water has natural cooling properties and is proved to be beneficial for dry skin care. Similar to aloe vera rose water has anti bacterial properties that prevents the growth of pimples and reduces pigmentation in the skin. Rosewater also acts as a toner for the skin that helps to close the open pores of the skin and also prevents the skin from dehydration.

It is recommended by many doctors and dermatologists that the use of skin care products that re availed in the market should be used with proper precautions, as the chemicals used in the products may cause severe damage to the skin and thus leads to some other fatal side effects. For a dry skin, the following steps should be followed. Always used a facial cleanser which includes aloe Vera and rose water that clean and moisturizes your skin. Use aloe Vera and rose water in a blender with the proportion of aloe Vera used: 1 oz and 1/5 cup of olive oil along with 1 oz of rose water also use a few drops of essential rose oil. Moreover add a few drops of  grapefruit seed extract, blend the solution properly and when the solution is ready  massage it onto the face for a considerable time frame and  then rinse it with a warm water