Choose a proper raw oyster while eating because it may cause some dangerous side effects on your body

Raw oyster are known as the delicious food among all the sea food. It is very famous worldwide. However, there are also some of the major risk after eating raw oyster, be cautious of  eating this sea food because it may cause several side effects if not cooked properly.

Many people enjoy raw oyster by eating it with a different manner some enjoy plain or some enjoy with lemon and vinegar. There are many chance of getting in to health complications. The contamination of bacteria’s in the raw oyster may cause problems like viral or parasitic agent, due to the transmission of dangerous organisms from one place to another. Vibrio vulnificus is a kind of infection caused by the bacteria that usually builds in raw oyster.

It is very necessary to cook the raw oyster that will help to kill the bacteria’s in it.

Major steps to know the kind of infection occurs and enjoy your delicious sea food by taking precautions.


The main and common infection caused is due to Vibrio vulnificus bacteria. This infection is usually appears when an individual consume raw oyster. Nausea, chills, excessive fever, vomiting, diarrhea are the common symptoms of consuming the contaminated bacteria. Some people may fall prey due to severe reactions from this bacteria like unbearable pain, kidney may fail, loss of skin and even cause severe death if not treated soon. It is very difficult to identify oyster whether it is good or bad by smelling it or contaminated by this Vibrio vulnificus. The bad oyster might dry, shrunken, and leaves terrible odor. The only best possible way to kill the shell fish bacteria is to cook it properly by giving a medium heat.

Aphrodisiac and heavy metal toxicity

Raw oyster is mostly attributed as an erotic disease. Oysters include a great amount of zinc that normally increase the development of sperms and boost libido. Raw shell food is high in D-aspartic acid and amino acid that develops the high intensity of testosterone or progesterone raw oyster has heavy metal of toxics that affects to your liver and kidney. The oyster which contains a high amount of cadmium, lead, zinc raises a great problem of health risk in humans. Oyster are has a great amount of nutritive value it has lower value of cholesterol but high level of vitamins. Raw oyster consist of vitamin a, c and d which are high in calories.


The bacterial infection Vibrio vulnificus cause due to the contamination of sea water. One must take major precautions while eating the raw oyster, you must cook ate lest for 5 to 10 minutes unless and until the shells does not opens by itself. One must cook any kind of shellfish before eating.