One among the hundred people suffer from Down syndrome which is commonly known as Trisomy 21

The main cause of Down syndrome or Trisomy 21 is due to Cognitive Impairment. There are ranges of troubles that come under Down syndrome that mainly includes problems like learning disability, issues that takes place in growth, improper facial features, and many other issues in the internal organs. Most of the individuals who suffer from Down syndrome tend to have problems in their heart and are even prone to Alzheimer’s disease. Trisomy 21 or Down syndrome can make a person suffer at a mild way or even may stay with them for years.

Do you know why does Down syndrome take place? The main reason behind this disorder is due to the transfer of genes been taken place in a person from their parents. People who have genes with an extra copy of chromosome 21 in them tend to have Down syndrome. Every human cell has 23 pairs of different chromosome, which is been transferred by both their parents. The mother gives 23 chromosomes by her egg cell while the father gives 23 chromosomes from his sperm cell.

But while this transfer of chromosomes takes places many a times it happens that the kid gets one extra cop of chromosome 21 from his or her mother and one copy from their father. Which in total makes 3 chromosomes of 21. This is where the individual suffers from Down syndrome or Trisomy 21. More than 90% people who suffer from Down syndrome have one extra copy of Chromosome 21. This takes place when the mother herself carries an extra pair of chromosome 21 with her. Hence, the more she takes time in giving birth to her child the more the baby will suffer in his or her life.

The kids, who have Down syndrome tend to have low IQ level though they might be intelligent, might have problem in functioning of the heart, they even have problem in speaking, and they are even prone to Alzheimer’s disease. When you see a kid suffering from Down syndrome you cannot really recognize from the problem he or she is going through, as they appear to be same as the normal kids. Rather they are more interactive and intelligent from the normal kids.

Today due to various treatment been given to the mother before the child is born the rate of kids suffering from Down syndrome is declining in a drastic way. There was a time when there were more than 60% who used to suffer from Trisomy 21 or Down syndrome but today the graph has slashed down in a speedy manner.