Stuffy nose occurs due to various and common reason here are some of the home remedies to let your child away from stuffy nose.

A stuffy nose is an ordinary symptom of cold, flu, allergies or sinus infection. If your child is suffering from the stuffy nose from the various symptoms like old or sinus infection then the symptoms may last for two weeks in severe cases the symptoms stays for more than a week. To get away from the symptom of stuffy nose, some of the effective home remedies can be benefitted from you and can be done in a simple and money affordable ways.

You must always take help of physicians before following this remedy. In some cases stuffy noses can come together with the swelling of the eyes and forehead, complaints about the blurriness in vision, cough that usually last for at least 2 weeks, white spots that appear on the tonsils, difficulty in swallowing food due to pain in throat, cough along with the green mucus.

Here are some useful remedies you can try out that will surely help you to decrease the problem of stuffy nose.


Some essential facts for child to use the humidifier or stream improve the condition. Humidifier is not be only used for the stuffy nose but also for the beauty essentials. Humidified air is an abundant decongestant for many people of any ages. Humidifier can be available in many department stores, or you can make your child to take a warm shower. Steam works to losses the mucus that blog the sinuses. Warm shower helps to improve the sore muscles that usually come along with fever and cold.

Saline Rinse

Saline is a solution of salt water that give relief from stuffy nose by softening and dissolving the mucus and aid your child to breathe easily without any difficulty. The saline solution is the safest alternative to nasal decongestants, which might worsen the symptoms. You can purchase the saline solution in any departmental stores or you can prepare the solution at home itself, for that, you have to take 1 tablespoon of salt and dilute it with one cup of water. As the solution gets ready, allow the solution to put in each nostril of your child with the cotton swab or with the help of a dropper. Wait for 5minutes and allow the solution to work properly into your nostrils. Now take the tissue paper and blow your nose to excrete the excess mucus.


A bulb syringe is the best solution to remove the excess mucus from the child’s nose. Bulb syringe is mainly used for the infant and a child who is not able to blow their nose properly. Do not use suction the nose more than four times a day or else the nasal lining will get irritated and gets dry.

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is the delicious and effective remedy for the common cold especially for the stuffy nose. Chicken soup ease the swelling of the nasal mucosa by restraining the movement of neutrophils.