You might have come across with small bumps that pop up in your skin when you feel cold or while you run.

Chills are actually known as goose bumps. The situation when it takes place in your body reacts in a different manner especially in hot and cold weather while you run. When you run in a high, severe temperature, it doesn’t cause any problem. However, when your body temperature changes thus at that time your body begins to expose with chills.

Chills that occur in cold weather are very dissimilar from the chills that occur in hot weather. You must take some serious precautionary steps to prevent from a chill that takes place in hot weather to avoid harmful side effects. You must be very careful even in the cold weather.

Running in hot weather

It is more obvious that when you run your body temperature starts rising. When you run in a hot weather, it has become more problematic and unsafe and you begin to sweat more. Sweating is usually known as evaporating of your body fluid and expelling out. Thus, this situation becomes very difficult in hot weather and you get chills.

In hot weather, your body is likely to be exposed to sun and lacks the fluid from your body and thus you experience with heat exhaustion. Even your temperature is high the heat exhaustion results, into chill and Goosebumps on your body. You might also feel fatigue and cramps on legs while you run.


You must stop running immediately if your body gets chills and goose bumps. You can walk on a far distance unless and until you won’t occur with any symptoms of heat exhaustion. You must keep your body hydrated by resting in a cool place or sports drinks. If you plan to run in a hot weather then make sure that, you wear loose fitting and light weighted clothes. Ensure that you wear light colored clothes rather than wearing black color. Black color traps more heat and find more difficulty in running. You can run in the evening or early morning when there is a cool breeze. Try to run in the shades. Keep your body hydrated by drinking ample amounts of water before and after running. If you feel fatigue or weakness while running then you must take immediate help from nearby doctor.

Cold Weather Running

Getting chills in cold weather is cold weather is very common. When your skin is more exposed to the cold weather, your skin gets chills and Goosebumps. Most of the people start shivering and chills even after running or warm up this can be a symbol of hypothermia. To avoid chills and prevent from shivering wear two to three layers of clothes to keep your body warm. Some runners use the same process in cold weather.


Most of the runners are likely to wear shorts in the cold weather. If you don’t come across with the problems like goose bumps and chills then there is no harm in wearing shorts. Legs are more likely to shiver in cool weather so it better you wear full pants to keep your body warm. Don’t forget to wear clothes when you step out in the cold.