Menopause has an effect on every woman in many diverse ways. A number of women have no warning signs whereas some of the women observe various changes in few areas of their lives. It is not all the time feasible to predict if these changes are linked with aging, menopause of both.

Below listed are a few changes which may perhaps begin during menopause.

Irregular periods

Periods can take place for more or less than a week or can even last for many days or fewer. Some of the women experience lighter flow as well as a few of them heavy. Do not think that missing a couple of period’s means that you are starting with the menopausal alteration. In case if you are pregnant then the first thing to bear in mind is to check out with your physician or if in case there is other health reason for your delayed periods.

If you missed your periods for a few months or a year and begin spotting then seek advice from your physician. Spotting can be triggered due to cancer or with some other health condition.

Difficulty in sleeping

One may perhaps find it difficult to sleep during night time. Women may have night sweats that are identified as hot flushes which may exude while you sleep. One may even feel more exhausted at some point in the daytime.

Hot flashes

Hot flashes are nothing but a rapid sensation of warmth in the upper part or all over your body. The face and neck may perhaps turn red whereas red blemishes might take place in areas like back, chest and arms. It can even result in cold shivering and sweating heavily.

Mood changes

Women may even go through mood disorders or mood swings or feel bad tempered.  Women may have mood disorders during the time of menopause if they had mood swings prior their monthly periods of if they went through depression after giving birth. Mood changes at this time can even take place because of strain or feeling exhausted though these are not the same as depression.

Vaginal troubles

Vaginal related troubles begin or build up with time during menopause. The walls of the vagina might even get dried up and thin due to the lower levels of the hormone called as estrogen. Estrogen hormone also lends a hand in protecting the health of the bladder and urethra which is the tube that pours out the urine. Sexual related problems may hit you due to less estrogen.  Women can even have more vaginal issues or urinary tract infections as well.

Few women find it tough to even control their urine for more time to get to the washroom which is known as   urinary urge incontinence. A sudden sneeze, cough or laugh may even pass out the urine which is because of the pressure put on the organ.

Changing feelings about the sexual act

Few women feel less aroused whereas others feel more comfortable with their sexual activity after menopause. Some women may take less interest in having sex as they may feel uncomfortable.