Back pain has affected all of us at one point or another. Back pain has a close relation to how we live our lives.

Orthopedics has found that around 1.5 billion people suffer from back pain of varied intensity. They stress that you lifestyle has a very big role to play in contributing to the back pain. You might have heard that why doctors always stress on the need to maintain right posture. One should not ignore even the mildest of the back pain. It could cause serious problems if ignored. But this does not mean that whenever back pain strikes you rush to the doctor. Instead work on the ergonomics. It is the understanding of how our bodies move and fit around chairs, desks and other furnishings in the office or at home.

How to prevent yourself from back pain:

  • Remaining healthy and fit is very important: If you stay active, you are less likely to be affected by back pain.
  • Controlling your weight also helps: the back pain occurs more in person who are obese or overweight. So if you learn to control your weight you could get relieved of back pain.
  • Strengthening the back: one should work towards strengthening the back muscles. This could be done if you work out. Perform some abdominal exercises and back muscles.
  • Stretching a little bit daily: this you could do while you are at work. Take a break after 2-3 hours and stretch your arms, back and leg.

Lifting the objects in the right manner – this aspect is very important as when wrongly lifted it puts a lot of strain on your back and you could hurt or injure yourself. Read about right lifting techniques. Here are some tips:

  • Use your legs: use your leg muscles. Keep your back straight, bend your knees in a semi crouch position and then try to lift the object.

Make changes in your sitting posture: this is also very important because you spend at least 8-10 hours sitting in the chair and so right sitting posture is very important.

  • Sit Upright: maintain an upright position; this would aid your back properly.
  • Support to the lower back: choosing an ergonomic chair would help you provide the much needed lumbar support.
  • Keep your head and shoulders straight: limit twisting or turning your head too much. Instead one could choose a chair which has got wheels. So whenever you need to turn, you turn your whole body and not only the head.
  • Use a footrest: this is also important as your feet bears your whole body weight for long hours. So a foot rest would keep your feet in proper condition.
  • Maintain optimal desk height: the desk height should be as per your height. Also maintain the optimal distance from the desktop screen if you are using one regularly.
  • Maintain right driving posture: make use of seat belt, and adjust your car seat as per your height and the one which supports your back.

If all these changes do not seem to work out, it is time that you visit an orthopedic for further treatment.