As much as masturbation is good for health, it can become harmful too. This may be because of the compulsiveness of the person and ill methods used

Masturbation is a behavior that both women and men perform. It can be more rampant in men. But there is generally no harmful effect of it on the body. In many cultures and traditions, this kind of act may not be acceptable. So there is a possibility that people belonging to such kind of background may repress their urge for sexual satisfaction.

They may get into criminal activities like rape and harassment of others rather than masturbating. In other cases, a person may get addicted to this. It can become compulsive behavior. Sexual fantasy may become more aggressive. This can make the individual masturbate for long hours and think also about making love.

When does masturbation become harmful?

The person may get sidetracked from the mainstream life and spend most of the time masturbating. It is then that this becomes more of an issue in and others life. Aggression for the lovemaking act can force the person to masturbate vigorously. If the fingers are moved over the penile or the vaginal area too hard, it can hurt the flesh.

This may make the sexual organ to bleed. It can invite more infections this way. Even in such conditions, it may be difficult for the individual to let go of the habit of masturbation. Sometimes the person may resort to some tools or weird things to reach climax. This can include some toys, bottles, rubber, soft objects, and even food items.

You cannot always be sure if the thing you are using is safe and clean. The chances of urinal tract infections become high because of this. It can welcome more issues like yeast and fungal infection and internal bleeding or tissue injury. The vagina may lose its tightness and the male sexual organ may become lax.

Ill effects of masturbating compulsively

The person who takes respite in masturbation all the time may feel uncomfortable when near the real partner. As they are too used to this kind of behavior, arousal normally through the partner may take time. In nervousness, the individual can even ejaculate early or not get an erection. In these events, the victim should reduce the frequency of masturbation.

When the person does not get an erection or when a woman finds it difficult to climax, they may get surprised. They may even think that something is wrong with them. But in reality, the issue might be the addiction to masturbation. Behavioral therapies may aid in dealing with the ill effects of compulsive masturbation. It may indirectly later even stress your mind.

Some people even fancy masturbating in front of people or in public places. This can be really upsetting to others. It can even ruin your marriage or relationship sometimes. This can be because the partner does not get enough attention and hardly any sexual dissatisfaction. So if you want to make masturbation a safe act, try not to get too addicted to it.