There are different kinds of issues in male sexual impotence. Here the man is not able to achieve sexual satisfaction because of many reasons

Erectile Dysfunction

In erectile dysfunction the male does not erection. There may be times that the hard on is not tat good. Due to this the male may not be able to satisfy his partner at all. This can be hampering for personal partner relationship. There are some medications that can enhance male’s sexual organ hardness. The problem may arise because of the weakness of muscles in penile region or an injury there. This may even result because of health issues like high or low blood pressure, heart diseases and even diabetes. Mental conditions and disorders may also be responsible.

Failure to get Orgasm

Many a times a man may get excited and even get an erection which may die down suddenly. This sometimes does not lead to orgasm. This can be disappointing for the partner. It may even upset a man. After all the activity, orgasm can be a fulfilling feeling for both the people. In such cases if a man is not able to achieve, the partner may feel she was not good enough. There are medical reasons behind it. There may be less formation of sperms or the process is interrupted because of muscle or tissue problem in the reproduction organ of the man.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is also one of the signs of sexual impotence in men. Here the man may get orgasm but too early. This can again be very disturbing for the couples. You may again face this because of mental or physical factors. Many a times this can come into being because of unable to get enough erection and the too excited feel of a man or the inability to control the urge to release orgasm. This may not be the mainline impotence but can accompany sexual impotence in men.

Pain during Sex

Men can even face pain during sex. This can be a sign to sexual impotence in them. This can be because of too much excitement and the urge to control orgasm. It may be because the man has not got involved in sexual activity much so it may become strange for them to face all the pressures and urges all together. There may be hidden disease as well that can affect the sexual organ of man and this may cause pain. Cancer or blood clots in the tissues can lead to pain in penile region. Men may even sometime develop fear to impotence in mind which can also lead to this kind of a condition.

Less Sperm Count

Men may even face sexual impotence because of less sperm count. This may immediately affect the reproduction cycle. It may make a man infertile. It may however not interrupt the sexual activity. Males with less sperm count may not necessarily face premature ejaculation or inability to get a hard on. They may just not have enough fertility or have abnormal sperms. This may be difficult for married couples.