Causes of Kidney Stones

Calcium and the other natural resources in the human body are usually absent while the urine is passed. Kidney stones build up when the focus of these reserves in the urine is high, that results in swelling of these lucid that shape a tough dump. The consumption of a proper diet plays equally important role in finding out what sorts of raw materials mount up in your urine.

It’s Formation

The formation of stones in the kidneys is a common turmoil where the stones are formed by the chemicals found in the urine like the phosphorous, calcium, oxalic and uric acid. It may differ in uniformity from the sand, grit and gravel such as the size of a birds egg. The other reason for kidney stone may be due to the application of a particular matter which surpasses the solvent in the urine. Nearly 90 percent of the stones consists the main component which is calcium where the rest are the mixtures of calcium, phosphates, ammonium and magnesium, carbonates etc.

Kidney stones have to be treated quickly as it can be a threat to your life. Though the kidney stones may not result any kind of risk in them but it may bring damage to your kidneys with the development of other obstacles.

Home Remedies for Kidney Stones Treatment

Magnesium as the usual source

Include foodstuffs that are affluent in magnesium in your diet which will help in prevention of forming kidney stones a s magnesium lessens the quantity of oxalate minerals in the urine. Dietary substances like fish, broccoli, rice that are rich in carbohydrates, avocado are proved to be very fine basis of magnesium. You can even prevent other risk factors like avoiding the intake of chocolates, spinach which is rich in iron but harms the kidney, black tea, grapes etc.

Drinking Water to thwart Kidney Stones

Drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water everyday water increases the amount of urine which in fact helps in reducing the level of stone developing elements that form generates. Hence, it is recommended that drinking 4 to 5 liters of water help pass the kidney stone through the body immediately.

Less intake of Salt to Prevent Kidney Stones

Consuming food that is more in salt and sodium increases the level of calcium in urine that raises the probability of forming a kidney stone in the body. Hence, it is necessary that one should reduce the consumption of salt in their diet. Foods like mustard, sauce, meats, and chips should be avoided.