Sprain in ankle can happen to any individual this problem occurs due to tearing or injury in the ligaments.

Ankle sprain occurs while playing sports, giving an excess stress to your ankle when u wear high heels, steeping down in an improper way. The major ankle joints consist of tibiofibular joint and subtler joint that are connected with 2 important ligaments the weaker outside lateral collateral and stronger inside medial ligament group.

The injury that occurs in the ankle is the combination of two more ligaments that surrounds the ankle. The ankle sprain injury can be easygoing that can extended easily, modest that can partly torn, cruel that can totally tattered.

Almost 25000 of people face from ankle sprain daily. Many treatments that are more useful can give you relief from ankle sprain and from the future troubles.

Natural home treatments to cure your ankle sprain


Resting is very necessary for the one who suffers from ankle sprain because your whole body pressure fall on your ankle and feet, and give a hard sensation of pain and sometime swells. Inflammation will depends on how long you give pressure on your ankle. The continuous and prolong use of ankle while standing may worsen your injury and becomes very difficult to cure.


It is a type of information that passes through your brain. Any type of injury can passes the information to your brain but in the case of ankle sprain, the false information has been send to brain. If the proprioception fails to work properly, then it may lead to the serious injury to the particular area where there is a quick change in the path. It has been tested that the lack of ability to stand on a one feet without any shakes for at least 30 minutes give the signal that the proprioception is off . Proprioception doesn’t works properly with standing stable on a one leg, gives the strength to your leg muscles, ligaments.


Icing is the effective remedies for any sprain areas. If you are suffering from osteoarthritis, gout, or bone disease then alternate hot and cold icing therapy is very effective. Apply hot therapy, hot water bag and pat it for 20 minutes after that pat ice cube for 20 minutes this will help you to give relief from pain.

Dieting and exercising

There are no such specific diet required to make you free from pain but some of the vitamins and calcium’s is very necessary in your daily diet that can not only useful for ankle stain but also to keep you healthy and problem free. If you are so much in weight then it is very difficult to give you a quick relief from pain because it may give poor circulation of the blood to your ankle. The best way is to tackle this problem is to lose your weight. Swimming is the effective exercise to proper flexibility to your ankle muscle and tone them properly this will allow your ankle to bear pain at the very first stage.