Silagra works as a competent pill to deal with Erection Dysfunction. However, it is vital that you have thorough information about this medicine before you gulp it down for curing impotency.

Silagra works terrifically by perking up the blood flow to man’s reproductive organ like the natural route that occurs when a man gets aroused sexually for copulation. With the smooth blood flow, the arteries and veins inflates thereby presenting you with harder erections. if this mechanism doesn’t work out accurately, a man can face troubles in attaining as well as maintaining an erection.

By using Silagra man shows affirmative results in countering the sexual contentment during the sexual intercourse. This tablet takes approx 30 to 40 minutes to initiate functioning and the upshot lasts easily for about four to five hours.

With this pills, one can intake it an hour prior the copulation. In case if you have any kind of health history like eye problems, low or high blood pressure, allergies, penis condition, anemia, chronic cancers or problems in blood system etc should notify his physician former than gulping down this medicine. Consuming alcohol or other abrasive stuffs can amplify the off-putting effects, thus it is sternly suggested to stay away from this harmful things.

Silagra is the generic description that is exactly the replica of brand name Viagra.  Both, the generic as well as branded version comprises of Sildenafil citrate as their dynamic molecule. The only dissimilarity between both this pills is its price tag. As compared to the branded version, Silagra are reasonable but the quality remains completely similar.

Furthermore, the pill varies in its shape, labeling, flavor color, and wrapping aspects. But the energetic elements and the excellence of the product remain akin to the original medicine.  It serves a lot of security and effectiveness for the men who are searching a precise solution to their frustrating sexual failures.  It also enhances the sexual stamina which allows you to maintain the virility for longer span of time.

This medication comes in the typical tablet form with 100 mg per as its dosage. This is an average dosage for a day.  It is an oral pill, thus you have to devour orally with water.  If consumed faultily, it may put your health on risk. Therefore consult your doctor before gulping down any medications.

Due to erectile dysfunction, the level of self-esteem and confidence trims down and they start becoming shy and introvert. While health problems like Peyronie’s disease, heart problems, blood pressure, and diabetes cause Erectile Dysfunction in men.  Apart from this, anxiety and depression caused due to stress or pressure can also lead to impotency troubles.

However, overdose of this medication can show certain negative health effects. The side effects embrace complications like nausea, blur vision, fever, vomiting, dizziness etc. in any of the cases, make sure to consult your doctor of advice to as to be familiar with the actual root cause of your annoying complication.