Cucumber fall under the fruit category but used as a vegetable just like tomatoes. They have an essential nutrition value for healthy living

You can now beat out the heat with cucumber. They cool your body down and also benefit your health. They have low calorie content and also have lots of electrolytes and water in it. People generally use it in salads, sandwiches and cook it as vegetable. This plant is in form of a creeper and has corresponding family members like zucchini, melons, gourds and squashes.

You can find cucumber of different shapes and sizes and also colors. They have a dark green skin and the inside is fleshy with moisture. Their seeds are edible and very soft. Many people even prefer to have its juice as it has a calming effect on the body. If you are thirsty, then this is quite a health drink for you.


You can also apply cucumber on red and puffy eyes to pull down the swelling and bring some relief to the inflammation. Cucumber pickle is also quiet famous. Their juice can be used in many preparations and also in beauty products. They can ease burns and also are antiseptic. They can be found in plenty as they are produced all through the seasons.

For the best effect, harvest the cucumber when they are still young and sot. They taste succulent and have a great flavor. It counters constipation and other digestive diseases. The skin of the cucumber is a rich source of the fiber essential in maintaining the digestive system. It also protects the body against the harmful colon cancer.

It eliminates the toxic compounds that may be present in the person’s guts. It also has potassium which is significant intracellular electrolyte which is excellent for heat. It aids in reducing the blood pressure and maintains the heart rate while reducing the effects of the sodium in the body. It also has antioxidants, carotene and vitamin C and A.

Advantages and protection to body

The lutein and zea-xanthin in the cucumber act as a safeguarding agent against the free radicals. It also takes out the reactive oxygen elements that are not good for the body. It also regulates the blood pressure and the weight. Its high potassium and water content helps n it. The cucumber also has vitamin K. it is very important for the bone growth and its well being.

Vitamin K deficiency can cause lots of health problems and lead to the weakening of the bone structure. Due to this many people can go limp and also have a curved body stature. Cucumber can enrich the body with the same nutrient and prevent all these bad happenings. It also stops the neuronal damage of the brain and therefore ensures that the body functions properly.

It is always better to purchase the fresh cucumbers that are still green and have a firm texture. The yellow and hard ones are old whose seeds are uneatable. This matured cucumber may have insoluble fiber and almost no water in it. Wash them nicely at home and clean off the external mud or any pesticides.

Do not dispose the skin of the cucumber as it is the main source of fiber and the phyto-chemicals. The skin of the cucumber may have tiny spikes that you can rub off easily. So consume it as it is with little seasoning of salt, if you want to.