Fever caused due to the intake of contaminated food or water can lead you to Typhoid Fever. Here are some symptoms and tricks to deal with the Typhoid Fever.

Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection which is scientifically termed as Salmonella enterica or typhi. The contagion is elicited by intake of unhygienic food or water and might even spread through the feces of infected human being that restrain bacterium salmonella typhi.  This particular infection leads to extremely high fever causing the small intestine to damage.  This typhoid fever is also entitled by various names like abdominal typhus, nervous fever, slow fever, infantile ramittant fever, pythogenic fever or gastric fever.   Accordingly the stages of this fever are divided into three different sections.

What are the stages of Typhoid Fever?

  • During the initial stages or the very first week, a gradual rise in temperature of body is observed along with depression; headache, bradycardia and diminishing level of WBC i.e. white blood cells.  In some of the cases, extreme abdominal pain and bleeding from nose is also noticed.
  • In the next week of illness, there is soaring body fever, red spots on stomach and chest is also seen. At this stage, an individual can also experience diarrhea that too many times in a day.
  • In the very third stage of typhoid fever state of affairs gets inferior and complex like intestinal blood loss, metastatic swelling, neuropsychiatric indication etc can be seen.

Quite a lot of health drive has been well thought-out since years, to create awareness among the populace on fitness issues. It is vital to maintain your environs neat, clean your hands thoroughly after defecating and earlier than having a meal is significant to shun infection from bacteria.

What are the symptoms of Typhoid Fever?

In the early stages of Typhoid Fever, acute abdominal pain, headache, rising body temperature and continuous diarrhea is observed. But in the later stage the symptoms seems to be increasing. Following are some of the triggering signs of Typhoid Fever:-

  • Agitation
  • Abdominal pain
  • Blood stool
  • Shivering or chills
  • Uncertainty
  • Complexity in paying attention towards any matters
  • High fever and tiredness
  • Unpredictable mood
  • Figment of the imagination and vision as well
  • Bleeding from nose
  • Exhaustion and Weakness

Several antibiotics have showed effectual results in killing the microorganisms’ salmonella typhi as well as the fever.  But there are certain measures one can take so as to deal with Typhoid Fever.

What are the essential factors to be concerned while dealing with Typhoid Fever?

  • A complete rest is extremely important so as to recover sooner from this bothering problem.
  • Keep yourself and your surrounding as well neat and clean so as to heal fast.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Always cover the foodstuff and also see that you consume a steaming food, as this helps in recovering soon.
  • Consult your doctor as soon as possible for a better, healthier and quick relief.