Menopause is a phase of every womans life and because of it some issues may come up. But many women do not face any symptoms of this

Menopause is certainly not a disease. There is variation in the signs of the same in different cultures and countries. This is a period when the body stops producing eggs from the ovaries. The supply of more than 2 million eggs exhaust and the person will not be able to conceive a child after this. This is an absence of the hormone production in the ovaries that actually does for the process of ovulation.

What are menopause and its symptoms?

You may need medical intervention to deal with the outcomes of menopause. But this is not a moment of life where you should think that everything is over. The body just stops ovulating and the brain is still intact. The hormone FSH is now not going to emerge from the ovaries. Decline in the release of oestrogen is now fulfilled with the same from the adrenal glands and this compensates for the loss. Oestrone is now what the body creates.

Oestrogen also now comes from the fat cells in the body. So it is therefore necessary to maintain a table weight even if you get old. But do not gain weight more than the ideal BMS. The symptoms of this can differ in women. Some of them do not go through any problems while others may get hot flushes, vaginal dryness and even gets night sweats.

You may get irritated often and even feel low on energy levels and headache may occur. Mood swings may crop up. Change in the quality of the hair and signs of skin aging may come up. You can even gain weight and also joint pains may increase. Night sweats may force you to change clothes at night and take frequent baths. This may even have an effect on the personal.

Other complications

Mild weakness and osteoporosis may also come up. Men as they age can experience several symptoms similar to women like putting on weight, aging of hair and skin. Loss of interest in sex and more irritation and impulsiveness along with lack of patience may develop. If you suffer from hot flushes and similar signs of the menopause, the doctor may commit it to imbalance in the hormones.

But this may not always be true. There are other conditions that have similar effects. HRT therapy is often the one among the treatment plans. A proper analysis of the body’s reactions and responses may confirm the real cause to these occurrences. You may have to go through certain changes in the diet plan and also have to take some essential medications and supplements.

Coping with menopause

Well balanced diet that contains essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 should be consumed. Having ample fruits and juices will also give you energy. Important vitamins like that of A, B, C, E and D is required by the body. Zinc and magnesium mineral are also a good option to deal with the stress levels. Mild exercises and consuming herbs like Agnus castus and black cohosh will also aid in dealing with menopausal indicators.